Fat Acceptance Is About Overcoming Obstacles


I’ve been in my rockin’ chair lately, at night, just sittin’ on my porch and thinking a whole lot about big game. I’ve got the bayou right in front too. Staring at it calms me down after a hard day of big game and making big bitches sweat. I love it, It’s like a moat that prevents my bitches from escaping, and them crocodiles floating around need to eat too. But anyway, what was I saying? Oh right, I reexamined my own philosophy on chubby chasing and it got me thinking about how fat acceptance fits in. We all know that fat acceptance is about self acceptance. It’s about a big honey lovin’ herself for the person she is on the inside, as well as her big beautiful rotund form, no matter what baby! And that’s just the way God wanted it. But what everyone forgets is that fat acceptance ain’t just for bitches no more, it’s for chubby chasers too. Like climbing mount Everest or running alongside the bulls in Spain, big game is a manly challenge waiting for y’all to Accept; It’s an adrenaline roller coaster that will test your endurance, patience, compassion and mental strength. That’s why we call it Fat Acceptance, because Fat is the challenge that must be Accepted in order to be conquered.

When you’re trying to fuck fat mammoth hogs like I do all the time, it’s inevitable you’re going to face all kinds of bumps in the road. All kinds… Believe me, it’ll test your faith not just in fat acceptance, but also in the Lord himself. I remember this one time I was getting ready to fuck this seriously super sized hoodrat bitch’s ass, when right before sex she broke down in tears. I had to listen to her long sob story about how she got trouble finding a man, and how she couldn’t believe I wanted her. She went real deep too, talking about how she likes using corndogs as dildos. I was stuck cradling her belly flab in my arms for a few hours. Damn, I was about to fall asleep listening to her shit when finally we got down to some fucky fucky.

I skipped the food foreplay and went straight for the her cock-pockets. She was so fat, she could play hide and seek with her genitals – a real BBW queen. It took me a while to find her pussy with all those slabs gettin’ in the way. I started thinking about just pounding her face and calling it a night cause I was too tired to drill for pussy oil, but then I said to myself, “Nigel, come on now, you know better than to not be a man of true Fat Acceptance.” So I kept hitting it until finally I heard her moan. I got excited and went balls deep only to find out it was actually her asshole. Fuck, Wrong hole! I decided to keep my cool and pull out anyway cause the condom came off and got lost somewhere in another slab — lord knows where. Anyway, I pulled out my chocolate yardstick, put on a new jimmy hat and put it right back in; when all of the sudden I noticed a brown, stank corndog rolled out; before I could bust a nut too, shittt. She got up and tried to waddled to the bathroom but she was leaving a trail of dew dew on the way. Man, good thing I left a tarp under my bed. I ran over to my secret forklift in the other room and came back to help her situate herself over the toilet — she was real heavy too, thank god my toilets are made of steal instead of porcelain. Anyway, I was prepared and willing to fix the situation; that’s what makes me a responsible gentleman. That’s what fat acceptance is all about: being ready, willing and prepared to accept any challenge, any problem. It’s like running up a steep hill, going up is a bitch but once you get to the top you feel good.

To make a long story short, the following day I spent the whole afternoon in my fishing boots, in the bathroom fixing the plumbing. Thank god my toilets are made of steal instead of porcelain. I was putting in work with my 10 foot industrial grade plunger, it felt more like I was churning butter or a giant cauldron of dew-stew. I was sweating real hard, getting dew dew stains on my fresh new chef outfit. Fuck my life I thought, then I remembered FAT ACCEPTANCE. It’s all part of the grand challenge: every day presents battles, a new hustle… Of course, the greatest challenge is still hitting the big ass itself, now that’s a real obstacle 😉

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63 thoughts on “Fat Acceptance Is About Overcoming Obstacles

  1. Sounds like you have a serious scat fetish to go along with your liberal helping of misogyny. You are obviously a sick fuck and your writing sucks. It isn’t clever or funny in anyway except maybe to the juvenile head cases that find your brand of satire amusing. Guys like you give us normal men a bad rep. You and you faggot friend Bron the Ball-licker (whom btw banned me from his blog because he is a dick sucking pussy) are cut from the same mold; all bullshit and nothing else. LMAO
    BTW, if you lived on the bayou you would know that those aren’t crocs floating around, they’re gators. Same family of reptilian but different nonetheless. You’re even too stupid to create a convincible persona for you crumby blog, lol.

    • Perhaps my choice of words wasn’t quite “PC” enough? It still doesn’t change the facts that Nigel’s buddy, Bron the Bigdicksucker isn’t man enough to take well deserved criticism from the general public. Bloggers should understand that if you are going to air your idiotic opinions out in a public setting you should be prepared for the consequences. Not everyone is going to agree with you and you should be adult enough to deal with attacks and disagreements. While I vehemently disagree with Nigel on his chosen subject, he at least appears to be somewhat capable of understanding this.

      • C’mon DF. You were doing so good, too. Make these assholes eat their own fucking words.

        I know you can do better, sweetie.


            • Plenty to go around; would you like some? I’m not exactly sure it would be best to stuff any down your gullet since, as I’ve said before, you are already full of shit.

                  • I’d disagree with you on this Nigel but if I gave you a detailed contradiction I’d be afraid that you would masturbate yourself right into the emergency room.

                • Why thank you; that’s mighty polite of you. I guess mummy and daddy did teach you some manners after all. Too bad they didn’t teach you basic respect for people of all sizes, shapes and physical appearance. Maybe they are waiting until you move out of their house so that you can learn that little lesson in civility on your own; out in the real world. That would be a life lesson I would pay real money to see.

                    • In light of recent social events it has never been more evident that many parents have basically abdicated their parental responsibly where it comes to teaching common decency and respect for fellow humans. Too many parents feel that video games and smart phones are the way to keep their children occupied. In many of today’s households manners, respect, and simple empathy toward other people are tossed by the wayside so long as the kids aren’t bothering mommy and daddy. Early exposure to graphic violence, electronic communication that replaces face to face interaction, and wanton anti-social behavior expressed in the media and in today’s so-called music has bred a generation of young people that cannot relate to their fellow man in a way that shows basic civility and respect. For these socially inept creatures misogyny is commonplace in males and anti-social behavior is routine in both sexs. Daniel as well as Nigel exhibits these social ills in typical fashion. One has to wonder about their development as children and whether or not their social retardation is the new norm or will they eventually learn lifes lessons and in the end become people of quality.

                    • yeah we dun need any antisocial types here but i dunno man nigel seems awfully social porkin all these big ol porkers lollll!!!!!! come on man DF lite up with ur shit and relax a bit n stay a while yknow????

                      why dont you at least bring that big lucious wife of urs to share??? give a brother a favor plz. i promise i wont brake that ass too hard lolololol

                    • Sorry dude, I don’t share. All that ass is mine and you are just going to have to be content with drooling over it. LOL.

  2. Alligators are crocodiles DF, you chubby-chasing idiot. In their taxonomy, the order crocodylia encompasses both “gators” and “crocs.” A gator is a croc, but a croc isn’t necessarily a gator. This is basic general bio shit that I remember from like five years ago.

    Also, fat chicks are gross. Awesome blog, Nigel.

          • That and the fact that we all know Nigel jacks off to his own writing. This blog is nothing but a tribute to his deviant and misogynistic sexual fantasies.
            Let’s recap, shall we:
            An affinity for rape, bondage, force feeding, scat and humiliation are all starkly evident in his writing. This blog is nothing but an outlet for Nigel’s pornographic fantasies. Why he feels the need to broadcast his deviant desires, I can only guess. Don’t get me wrong I’m not here to cast aspersions on poor deviant Nigel; everyone is entitled to some oral gratification now and then but let’s not fuck around and let’s just call like it is.

    • You remembered wrong dumbass. You are obviously a typical gen Y idiot who spent more time fucking with his cell phone than paying attention in class. With alligators and crocodiles the two are often confused, but visually crocs and alligators are quite different. Alligators have a very broad, wide snout, and crocodiles have a narrower snout and jaw. Also crocodiles often have a lower tooth that juts out noticeably, while an alligator’s fourth tooth is hidden. They also differ greatly in temperament. You are correct in claiming that both alligators and crocodiles are members of the reptilian order Crocodylia. But the families they belong to, Alligatoridae and Crocodylidae respectively differ. Often, when people use the word “crocodile” what they really mean is “crocodilian.” This term encompasses not just the common alligators and crocodiles you might already know, but also the lesser known Gavialidae family that contains the lone gavial, or gharial. (I can use Google as well) All told, there are 23 species of crocodilians. Furthermore the American crocodile is not native to the bayou swamps of Louisiana where Nigel claims to hail from. Just because they belong to the same order all crocodilians are not the same. Man belongs to order of primate in the subfamily of Hominoidea which encompasses all the great apes but is man the same as a chimp or a gorilla? Obviously not but maybe in yours or Nigel’s case there is an exception. Don’t try to match wits with me sonny like all of your ilk you are outgunned and easy prey.

      As for fat chicks being gross; that’s a matter of opinion and as we all know opinions are like assholes, so your little snipe at the fatties boils down to just opinionated drivel.

      • “You are correct in claiming that both alligators and crocodiles are members of the reptilian order Crocodylia.”

        Yes. I’m aware I am correct. Gators are crocs.

        “Man belongs to order of primate in the subfamily of Hominoidea which encompasses all the great apes but is man the same as a chimp or a gorilla?”

        Um…if one was using a term to refer to our common taxonomy? Yes…

        Also, “typical gen Y idiot”? “match wits with me sonny?” What are you, like fucking eighty? Anyway, you definitely know a lot about gators. I’ll try to read a little more if I’m not too busy fucking a thin girl.

        Peace, buddy. Don’t let her roll over on you.

        • Yeah you read up on that and maybe your brain won’t turn to mush from all that Xbox and WOW you clowns play.

          Oh and have fun fucking all those bones, don’t stab yourself.

          • I feel like the videogame slights are immature. I haven’t kicked in with the Matlock cracks, have I?

            And no, no bones. Just a tight ass and a healthy heart that won’t give out climbing a flight of s tairs.

            • Really “immature”?? Whose generation is obsessed with that mind numbing shit?
              “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen”.
              That’s a favorite saying of Pres. Harry S. Truman; ever hear of him? Well of course you did, you probably read about him in one of those dumbed down revisionist history books you were spoon fed from. He’s the guy that gave the order to kill all those innocent japs when the US decided to flex its muscles and intimidate the rest of the world. LOL.

              BTW, do you really think thin people never have heart issues? I guess you’ve never been a visitor to a cardiac wing of a hospital. Once again your limited life experience is glaringly apparent.

              • Jesus, everything is either about cheesecake or the kitchen with you chubsters. Nigel is right.

                Someone could have heart problems at any weight, but fat people are more prone. Kind of like how fat bitches are more likely to have bad gas or shit themselves due to their larger intestines, as Nigel pointed out in his “…no Shame in a Larger Frame” post.

                • Wow another incredibly stupid statement from an incredibly dumb individual, this is getting to be routine for you. Get this thru you thick skull, snot nose; the physical weight of an individual does NOT determine the size of their intestines, LMAO. Take an anatomy course if you don’t believe me or ask your doctor the next time you need to have an infected facial piercing treated.

                  But when I stop and think about it there might be a few exceptions. You appear to be packed full of more shit than anyone has a right to, so maybe you have larger intestines than everyone else.

                    • Beats the hell out of me. Maybe he lives in a bus station bathroom or maybe the only fat chicks stupid enough to come home with him are so shit-faced drunk that they pass out and lose control. Or maybe his house/apt just smells like a latrine and they figure “what the hell” no one will notice if I crap on the rug. Or maybe he just attracts low class filthy women. Maybe he just pokes them in the ass too violently; after all he does have a sick rape fantasy brewing and bubbling in his head. The possible reasons are almost endless but one thing is certain, it has nothing to do with their weight and how that pertains to the physical size of their bowels. Only an idiot would assume such biologically incorrect nonsense.

                    • Instead of throwing around ad hominem attacks, why not offer some constructive advice – after all, you are the fatty expert. Enlighten us.

                      Like, when your wife shits all over you – what do you do?

                    • She doesn’t, so how can we discuss it. Nigel appears to be the only one with this problem, so ask him. I gave you my speculation on the subject but all you want to do is wine about my answers. Ad Homs, my ass, LMAO.

        • Wow, that’s pretty heavy stuff for one such as you? I didn’t know they covered advanced mathematical theory in the latest edition of World of Warcraft. LOL

          BTW, you didn’t say which set theory I should read up on; Axiomatic, Combinatorial, Descriptive or Fuzzy? You’ll have to be a bit more specific; my brain ain’t quite what it was back when I was 70.


            It’s not advanced mathematics! It’s basic mathematics! You know, the stuff with the venn diagrams that you did in middle school. Do you remember? Back in 1890 or whenever when you were just a blossoming little chubster. No, elementary set theory. The thing with big brackets containing elements that contain other elements. Like, you know, the set of all CROCS containing the set of all ALLIGATORS because GATORS ARE CROCS.

            Oh! Egads! How cute you were! You were just a bright-eyed youngster who had no idea of the wonders that lay in the life ahead of him; a clean slate with so much still to learn about dinosaurs and the morbidly obese. How you yearn for those halcyon days!

            I swear, between you and Desiree, the psychotic shit you’ve been writing the past months is both entertaining and thoroughly disturbing with its pure idiocy. Like, for instance, this whole “healthy at any weight” bullshit, including Desiree’s claim of being a “twig” at a lighter, but sill very fat weight, and DF’s claim that his wife was “gaunt” at 170.


            I mean, fuck! Am I taking crazy pills or something? And Desiree you fat bitch – how the hell are you two getting away with the shit you’re writing without some sort of IQ police breaking down the door and dragging you both away? You magnificent idiots! You glorious assholes! Did Mrs. DF sit on your for two long, depriving your brain of oxygen? And Desiree, did a twinky block your windpipe for too long a time in one of your eating binges?

            Desiree – you claim that you can still be healthy at any weight and yet you “can’t run very far due to breathing problems”. Um…let’s see, could this be because you’re fucking fat? You fat fucking loser feminist moron. Seven years for a master’s degree…in women’s studies? How big of a moron are you?

            There’s a reason why this is a “fringe fetish” and not a mainstream thing. It’s because the whole point of fat pride and chubby chasing is finding attraction in a physical property about someone that’s ultimately going to decrease their quality of life and health in the longterm in a very real way.

            And that’s just sad. And fucking retarded.

            • Okay Bron, now that you’ve exposed yourself and your little rant is finished AND you’ve proven that you read every single syllable written in the comment sections of this douchy blog, you still haven’t figured out that I agree that alligators are CROCDILLIANS. But as I’ve already shown you they are not exactly the same. Apparently you don’t understand that referring to alligators as crocs in a Louisiana swamp would be like saying that Cape buffalo is the same as the average dairy cow, lmao. It matters not what set or category they fall because when you break it down past your Jr. High School level mathematical theory the genus and family still differ. Alligators and crocodiles are often confused but they belong to two separate taxonomic families.

              “I mean, fuck! Am I taking crazy pills or something?” This is priceless.

              Judging by the length and amount of foam stemming from your last post I’d have to conclude that there is more than a 50/50 chance.

              BTW as for my wife being fat at 170lbs; the reality is you don’t really know what her physical appearance or condition was at that weight, now do you? You weren’t witness to it and all you have to go by is your belief of how everyone’s physical appearance should meet your limited point of view.

              • lol he thinks I’m Bronan.


                I concede that I’m wrong about your wife, deepest apologies. So, I assume she’s about 6’2″?

                • Yeah okay and depending on taxonomic view point the 10,000 some odd bird species on this planet are all the same as well, but does that really identify birds correctly???? Don’t you see just how full of shit your argument is? Probably not because obviously you are just naturally full of shit.

                  • My argument is correct, regardless of the how clear the terminology is. Throw around ad hominems all you want, it won’t make your grasp of taxonomy any better. I’m sorry man. Like, look at it this way:

                    Suppose for an afternoon snack your wife eats 50 lobsters and 25 crabs. While these two species of animals are different, one would be correct calling them both crustaceans, as in “Wow, your wife ate 75 crustaceans.”

                    While they are, of course, different species – they are both of the subphylum “crustacean.” This, referring to them as such is correct (even though crabs and lobsters are different animals).

                    • Labeling alligators and crocodiles as crocodilians is correct from the 1000 foot view BUT incorrectly labeling a native species as something from an entirely different genus and family is WRONG. God you are dense, beat a dead horse much? LOL.

                    • So, in other words, I’m correct but not specific. I’m cool with that, and so is Nigel. He’s just looking at the crocs and waxing philosophical, not writing a zoology textbook.

                      The only animals Nigel cares about are the fat beasts he porks. Let’s be adults, and put things into perspective. There are much more relevant questions at hand. If you want to be a giant nerd, at least make it something useful to day-to-day life. For example, methods of steel reinforcement for yours and Nigel’s beds.

                    • Well thank God you aren’t writing a zoological text book because it would be full of shit just like it’s author and not worth one wit of good to anyone. Well except maybe for people who think classifying animals with a Venn diagram is adequate to accurately catalog living creatures. LOL

                      BTW, why don’t we discuss something that will really be useful in most people’s day to day life? How about we talk about how we can breed, or if need be, beat the stupid out of people like you and Nigel? That way it will be beneficial for all, even future generations.

  3. I’m glad you accept those horrible, disgusting fat women. She shit on your floor though, and that’s not cool. You should have rubbed her nose in it like you would to a dog.

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