When BBWs Act UP

Who you think you is, BITCH!!!???

Who you think you is BITCH!!!??? MY BITCH THATS WHO!!!

Sorry for the hiatus my chub-brothers. Nigel X. Davis is back in the house to rupture volcanic ass and spread the word of Big Game without shame baby. I’m back with a vengeance after the rough shit I had to deal with two fuckin’ weeks ago in my house. This one BBW became so belligerent with her straight up crossin’ the line, Big-Mama-Drama-Queen bullshit, that I had to check her. I had to put the hippo down; you know, sometimes you get these wild bitches that got a potato chip on their shoulders, man they think they are something. They bring the trouble that makes me like, “Hell no bitch, you are finished!” every single time.

So it was roughly two weeks ago that I invited a big bitch over my house for a nice, home cooked, six course gourmet dinner. I was on my best behavior with candles lit, music turned up, and in my professional chef clothes as I escorted her via wheelchair to my dining room. As I rolled her on up to the table she started looking unhappy. I was like, “baby, is everything all right?” She pointed at the food and rolled her eyes, “that’s not enough!” I was like “Ok baby, I got this, I got this!” And I went back to my kitchen and made her extra food. By the time I came back with more food she had already eaten most of what was on the table, without me. I was stunned, what a rude bitch! But, praise the lord, I kept my mouth shut like a southern gentleman. Soon after she tilted her head back and opened her mouth, then I realized she expected me to feed her. I hesitated at first, but she waved me over and pointed toward the mashed potatoes. “okay…. fine.” I gave in, took out this big spoon and shoveled three bowls into her mouth. Soon I was feeding her everything on the table with my bare hands, and letting her lick my fingers. I tried to get her to lick some food off my dick but she just pushed it away. What nerve! I just shrugged it off as hot foreplay at first, but then I remembered from past experience: she’s just trying to make me her bitch. My inner voice was like “No way hoe! I’m not your black slave” — you know, I prefer it the other way around.

Then it was time for dessert. I decided to continue keeping this smooth. I brought out the cake and she got really excited when she saw it. She was flapping her flabby arms in the air, grinning with a triple chin smile. Eight layers with vanilla ice cream on top: It was a wedding cake just for us. I cut out a piece and popped it in her mouth with the utmost grace of a perfect basketball shot. It landed so perfectly, it was a moment of glory. All of the sudden she spit it out and sneered at me. I couldn’t believe that shit. I was like “WHAT THE HELL BITCH..”  Her: “This is NOT AN ICE CREAM CAKE!!! EW!!! I WANT ICE CREAM CAKE!!!”

I ran back into the kitchen so fast that my toque blanche (chef’s hat) almost fell off. I tossed the first cake out the window and scrambled for supplies to make a new one. I was sweating with fury, forgetting the original reason I had brought her over for dinner: to fuck her fat white ass. I was too busy to think about myself… too busy carefully scooping up and sculpting the vanilla ice cream into a cake, a cake fit for a queen. I patted each layer down with my dick a few times to give it just the right texture, hardening the crust. Despite my blue balls I pushed on, working like a true artisan who mastered his craft. I did it all for her, I went the whole nine yards. I even coated the top layer with jizz and blow-torched it into a creme brulee. I was so proud of that cake when it was finished that I ran out with it, but as soon as I set foot back into the dining room, somehow I tripped into the cake. FFFFFFuck. I fell face first into that cake, with most of the layers all squished up all over the floor. That’s when she stood up from her wheelchair and pounded her fat fist into the table, “GOD DAMN IT, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY CAKE!!!!!!” When she said that I was so I fucking pissed… I grabbed my chef’s hat off my head and threw it on the ground with intense anger. I was so mad, I jumped on it too. I even ripped my apron off. “I ain’t your chef no more, you fat bitch!” Yup, I called her a fat bitch. I had to tell her the truth. When chef Nigel throws his hat down, that’s the signal that I’m about to throw down.

The final straw came when she threaten to sit on me as punishment — now don’t get me wrong, I like gettin’ sat on by a big bitch, but only voluntarily. When she dared to threaten me, I got back up real quick and ran on back into that kitchen. She was half way across the dinning room when I popped back out with my three-foot egg beater. I turned the lights off to set the mood: a beatdown for dessert.

i-beater ass

I whipped that thing out and beat her ass and pussy down to the ground. I took that thing and whisked her pussy up so hard, she gonna need a separate funeral for it. I fucking plunged her head first into what was left of the ice cream cake, making her finish it off the floor while I went ball deep in her. It was gameover. I put her in her place.

Moral of the story: Some fat hoes are straight up belligerent, possessed by the devil. You gotta make’em sweat it out.

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37 thoughts on “When BBWs Act UP

  1. I call bullshit and more bullshit. The only big belligerent bitch you’ve had at your house recently was that that huge ugly blow-pig “Sandy”. The reason you’ve been gone for so long is because you had to be dug out of the rubble left behind by that blowhard cunt.

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that ANY chick stupid enough to hook up with the likes of Nigel deserves what she gets; even if it is a whipping with an egg beater. LMAO.
      Nobody loves the fat chicks more than me but the ones that are so desperate that they are willing to go butt up with a hood rat, are absolute low class skanks. Any maltreatment they receive is their own fault and it should serve as a lesson to all fatties looking for a good time. Beware the black dude with the empty wallet and a pocket full of Ho-Hos. His whole goal is to just abuse what you got hidden under your fupa while the rest of you will end up as just another causality of our broke ass social morality.

      • I suppose that’s one way to look at it.

        Or here’s another: These “low class skanks” are victims of a toxic, misogynistic,and most of all size-prejudiced society. I know that there’s nothing wrong with being a larger girl, and just because a woman isn’t brainwashed enough to wither away to some 170 pound twig doesn’t mean others respect her for it.

        Quite the opposite, actually.

        I was lucky to find my husband, Harold, who appreciated and respected me for what I went through. There’s been bumps in our relationship…I’ve even, unfortunately strayed a few times. Did I feel bad that it hurt Harold? Yes. Am I sorry? The answer is “no.” I know that cheating is bad, but I also have the strength to realize and understand that I’m a victim of my own circumstances. It doesn’t make me a slut, It makes me someone who suffered at the hands of a cruel and misguided society and made to feel like a lower-class citizen just because I was a person of size. But I know better now. I still slip up….but I’m beautiful. Nobody can say that I’m not.

        You admit that the moral backbone of our society is “broke”, and yet this is your solution? Come on, DF. You know better.


        • I don’t really believe in the victim mentality for all cases. Yes some women are forced into a place in their lives where they are made to feel degraded and of low self-worth and this are true for all size women. Society can be cruel to those who don’t fit the mold of what society feels is normal but thru education individuals can overcome that baloney. In reality fat women are just as worthy of respect from men as thin women are. They may play to a more narrow audience of men but the respect they deserve as people is no less. There are plenty of guys out there that just love bbws and ssbbws and are more than willing to treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve. Unfortunately many fatties are not willing to recognize this because they are slaves to their impulsiveness. It is no secret that fat girls are more apt to seek instant gratification than thinner girls and they are prone to making rash decisions where their life choices are concerned. This is not because of low self esteem it is because many fatties have difficulty controlling their need for oral gratification. In times gone by this character flaw would have been referred to as “gluttony”. This inability to control their oral urges is what leads them to overeat and to make poor choices when seeking sexual pleasure. The other part of this is that when they do make the wrong choices and as the come to regret their actions they seek to place blame on everything other than their own inability to control their oral desires. For the majority of people, under any circumstance, the idea that society is somehow to blame for an individual’s inability to do the right thing is nothing more than an excuse. As individuals we are responsible for our own actions and each and everyone one of us has the ability to choose the right course from the wrong.
          As for self esteem, it is a fact that most women, fat and thin, have a poor self body image and do not view themselves as the visions of loveliness that they truly are. Fat women do not have the corner on the low self-esteem market but yet they seem to blame all their faults, flaws and mistakes on the idea that society treats them badly and thus, they have poor self worth. I for one don’t buy it. If that were truly the reason for their bad choices then probably 70% of ALL women living in the US would be jumping into bed with guys that are less than desirable mates or engaging in all manner of self destructive activities. Since this is not truly the rule, something else must drive obese women to become brood mares and cash cows for home-bois and hood-rats like Nigel. Unfortunately I think its because many of them are unwilling to wait for “Mr. Right” to come along and it’s because their overriding need for oral gratification and their impulsive nature makes them more apt to settle for “Mr. Right Now”. It’s very sad because soooo many big women are so incredibly beautiful, loving and unselfish that they make almost perfect mates for any decent guy who is willing to accept them as they are.

          • Oral gratification. Bingo. Fat girls give the best head because they are hungry. Look DF, I’m givin’ these Big Beautiful Bitches everything they ever desired and keepin’ them on a short leash. You’re hating cause you are jealous..

            • Sorry Nigel, I’m not jealous at all. I’m happy that guys like you get all the pigs because after all it’s the best your ilk you can do. It leaves me secure in the knowledge that the intelligent and confident fat girls are left for guys like me. You Nigel are a low class hood-rat and your choice in fatties will forever be relegated to pig night at the local trough. The funny part of this that you could be the guy getting the hot fatties if you truly wanted to; all you would need is an attitude adjustment and a job. LOL

              BTW, not all fat girls give good head and some thin girls give fantastic head. It’s all about technique and talent and has nothing to do with appetite or weight. Get a clue you fucking, dumb slob.

          • “Oral urges”??? Like the larger woman is some eating machine that, at the slightest sign of distress, automatically begins stuffing her face?


            I think one of the biggest revolutions about The Larger Woman (TLW) is the ongoing social realization that we’re *not* grotesque eating machines. Speaking personally (and my friends can vouch for this), I eat hardly anything…I just happen to be a woman of a larger structure and suffer from a slow metabolism (as well as some unrelated health problems that prevent me from exercising).

            I fell in love with hubby and later married him not because I *needed* a man in my life, but because I wanted him (and I take what I want). But it wasn’t always that way. Back in college I was sort of in a rough patch…I was trying to adapt to this new world of alcohol, sex, and social judgement, and I was very much involved in my sorrority (sig delta tau). I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have relations with two or three guys in the course of one night at a frat party, They would approach me as a group. They talked to me.

            The told me I was pretty.

            They made me feel loved.

            But I wasn’t. They didn’t respect me, they used me.

            Guys always joke about how embarrassing it is to drunkenly hook-up with “a fatty”…but guess what? I think in all this ugliness one thing is abundantly clear; we’re sexy. Men know it. Social pressures won’t allow them to show it, but once it’s off (hello, alcohol) their real desires show themselves. I don’t remember a point during college where I weighed less than 240, and yet I was getting laid more often than my skinny friends….how could that be? Hmmm. I know. Real men want curves. Not bags of bones. Sorry girls.

            I’m assertive now. I’m affirmed. But I’m still a victim – we live in a society where TLW is made to feel like some sort of social outcast, a grotesque mockery what a woman should look like (in spite of evidence to the contrary). Woman can be jealous of TLW and treat her with cruelty. Men are tempted to buckle to their desires, but would they do that with the social cost?

            I’m not ashamed to admit that I have cheated on hubby several times. No relationship is perfect, and I’m sure as hell not claiming to have one. We fought. We discussed. He cried. I cried. We held each other and cried together…and at the end, there was peace. We came to the realization that in spite of our inherent imperfection as a couple (which makes us beautiful), it’s the society that’s crippling my self-esteem, warping my self-image…and forcing me to seek solace in the arms of a man. Ideally this man is hubby…mostly it is. But sometimes….I buckle. But I’m strong enough to not be ashamed of this. I’m strong enough to rise up.

            Strong enough to know I’m beautiful.

            You’re a decent guy, DF. But your last couple posts were just a tad bit misguided. I think it’s time you take a step back and let the grownups handle this one.



            • Sorry Desiree but studies and real life statistics bear my claims out. It doesn’t make fat girls bad people it only shows that they are human. The truth of the matter is we are all flawed in some way and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Protesting my assertions that fat girls have lower resistance to human oral pleasures is denial of the obvious facts. When it comes to making choices on food and sexual activity, studies show that heavier women are up to three times more impulsive than their thinner counterparts. Studies conducted by some well-respected universities have shown a direct correlation between chronic obesity in women and impulse control. Studies show that obese women are twice as likely to engage in unprotected sex as thinner women. They are also more likely to admit to having sexual relations at a much earlier age and they are almost 3 times more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy or contract a sexually transmitted disease than their thinner sisters. They also have significantly more problems in staying on a regimented diet or exercise program than thinner women. All this points toward an issue with impulse control and an inability to resist the lure of oral gratification. Granted some of the mentioned activities could be related to poor self-esteem but it would appear not to be the overriding cause.
              The issue of chronic obesity is a complicated one especially for women. In many cases it’s not just a matter of calories in and calories out but rather a complex mixture of genetics, hormones, learned and chemically induced behavior. Our our genetics makes it easy for us to become and remain fat. Hormones especially in women create the chemical reactions that cause us to crave oral pleasure. Our bodies are then controlled by learned and chemically induced behaviors that urge us to act upon the need for oral gratification. It is a medical fact that these chemical urges tend to be stronger in obese people. It is literally a function of your body’s obesity that makes you less resistant to the need for oral gratification.
              Now I know that you have been thru some ups and downs in your sexual life and your married life and I sympathize. But ask yourself this: Is it because I’ve been told by others that I am fat and unworthy or because at times you simply cannot control your desire to seek pleasure? If you are in love with your husband as much as you say and he loves you as much as you claim then why are you or why have you even thought of looking elsewhere? Don’t give me that low self-esteem excuse because if it were true you wouldn’t stay faithful at all. The kind of Low self-esteem you are talking about doesn’t just come and go. It is always there controlling your life decisions. I firmly believe that you like most fatties simply have an impulsive nature that is part chemical and part learned behavior. My wife has similar issues with impulse control; not with extramarital sex but with food and pleasure. For whatever reason her need for that dopamine rush that comes from oral pleasure is an addiction for her and it appears to be genetic. Her mom has similar issues to the point where even lap band surgery and sexual therapy hasn’t resolved her fixation for oral gratification.
              Fat people and especially fat women need to stop placing all the blame on society’s reaction to their physical appearance because much of their physical appearance is a direct result of their own body’s response to the modern world. In any event it’s not really your fault that your body reacts the way that it does. Control over its reaction relies solely on the will to resist what the body craves. Unfortunately resistance to what the body naturally craves is an unnatural behavior and incredibly difficult to change. This is what people who are not obese don’t understand. They think it is just a matter of not stuffing food in your face. (They’re too blind-ass dumb to realize that if that was the real answer then there would be NO fat people on the planet). They don’t understand and many don’t what to understand that the root cause of obesity is the human body’s natural and for many, an almost unstoppable reaction to its environment. For many people (especially the obese) the body’s natural chemical and emotional need for oral pleasure overrides all other needs.

              • Hogwash.

                Women are women, there’s no greater “need” for oral gratification in TLW. We don’t want to suffer, it’s thrust upon us. If a demographic is made to feel like garbage all the time, they’ll react in such a manner to assert self-worth (i.e., perceived disloyal or “slutty” behavior). Action, reaction. It’s physics.

                Love. Understanding. Acceptance. The math is simple.

                Everything else follows forth.


                • Okay, let’s just say that human genetics and how it affects the body is “hogwash” according to you. LOL. You can believe in socially engineered fairy tales about being made to feel like “garbage” if you like; don’t let me stop you. But you are using it as an excuse to cover the biological fact that base forms of human behavior are directly connected to chemical reactions in the body and that those chemical reactions are dictated by the bodies metabolic state.

                  BTW, I whole heartedly agree that “love” and “understanding” are the keys to “acceptance”. BUT it also must go hand and hand with accepting the medical fact that an obese body behaves metabolically MUCH differently than a thin body.

                  • Love. Understanding. Acceptance.

                    Rinse and repeat.

                    The thing about math, is that you can’t argue with it. I’ve studied this stuff for a while, I don’t expect it to come easy to anyone….but I thought it might to you, DF.

                    I’m sorry if it hasn’t.


                    • AGAIN, you don’t seem to get the fact that I’m agreeing with you AND you are in denial about that fact that there is a biological and genetic connection to human behavior. Sorry but that is just a head-in-the-sand attitude. What you are arguing ISN’T math; it’s a convenient excuse for your body’s reaction to its base needs. Try doing a little scientific research while you are studying “this stuff” it might just CLUE you in to why you react on a social level the way that you do.
                      Again; not ALL human behavior can be chalked up to “learned behavior”, that is a scientific fact.

                    • Not all behavior is learned; sometimes it’s thrust upon you. Little things. Things like:




                      Oh, and intolerance. An intolerance that all Women of Size (WOS) are forced to deal with. Showing the math is simple. Solving it is not. But I’m trying.

                      Are you?


                    • I’m way ahead of you Desiree. I fully understand the social postion WOS are in as well as the biological. I’m sorry but you need to play a little catch-up.

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