The logistics of banging fatter women.

In the art of Chubby Chasing, logistics is serious business.

If you had asked me about this a few years ago, I would not have been able to answer with much. That was back when I was a dumbass, before I had a good grasp of the logistics. From A to Z in the fat-pickup process, you’ve got logistical obstacles that you have to deal with, including the large woman herself. You can’t be in situation where both you and her are headed to the bedroom, only to find a staircase that is too long for her to walk up (as illustrated).

Walking up long staircases must be tiring for honeys weighing 450+. It puts them out faster than chloroform. I guess I should have laid my pipe down on this one while she was asleep.

Anyway… part of any good logistics strategy involves weighing in potential obstacles that will arise as a result of your girl’s particular weight, before you decide to take her home. For example, when I’m out daygaming at Walmart or Pizzahut, and I spot a fattie staring at me, I quickly guesstimate her weight. If she appears to be in the 200 – 300 range, she is still able to walk to my car and up a few stair steps without collapsing, however beyond that weight range things start to get difficult. Let’s say I meet a honey that’s roughly 500 pounds; chances are good that just walking to my car will tire her out, possibly enough to kill her desire for Nigel’s high caliber penetration style. So what does a big game player do? Before I even enter the venue, I make sure to hide my handy-dandy heavy duty wheelchair outside near the entrance, just in case I pull a serious chubby. This way, I can both swoon her ass with my preparedness and eliminate extra walking so she won’t get too tired to fuck. It works like a charm every time. As soon as we exit the building and I set her up in the wheelchair like a true gentleman, she’ll feel like a princess as she leaves a trail of her wet pussy juice on the way to my vehicle. Also, when scouting out any venues, always look for ramps and elevators so the wheelchair maneuver goes smooth .

Once I’ve got her ass in the wheelchair, I’ve overcome half of the logistical battle. At that point, I bring her to my van, which has a wheelchair friendly ramp to the side.

I’ve got one of these setups. Great carrying capacity.

I shove her in and drive off like a thief in the night. It’s critical that I drive quickly, because if the ride is too long she might expect me to get her food at a drive-through. Getting fast food for any woman is a classic amateur chubby chaser mistake. It sounds like a great idea, but in practice the food not only tires her out, but gives her less of a reason to come home with me because It eliminates both the plausible deniability and excitement of coming over my house for food. I want fatties coming to my house hungry, awake, and horny, not tired and confused. Also notice the size of the van, it can accommodate the biggest women. Yeah, I could bang her in the van, it has tinted windows, but I prefer more space to maneuver.

Once I’ve got her drooling for scooby snacks in The Mystery Machine, I drive on up to my house while continuing to promise her a five star, five course gourmet dinner — little does she know that dinner will be served in liquid form. Rather than park the vehicle in the driveway and have her painfully struggle to walk, I press my remote control garage door opener and drive into the garage, where I have the setup: a large California king sized bed, home-entertainment system with digital projector and surround sound, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, and a fridge full of food. Once inside the garage, all she has to do is exit the van.

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