About me

Nigel with a fresh kill

Nigel caught a big one.

I’m a man, a fitness expert, foodie and professional chef. However by night I’m like batman on that ass. I’ve perfected my chubby chasing game, now I’m sharing it on this blog. It chronicles my exploits and thoughts on chubby chasing; particularly my strategies and tactics, and all the blood, sweat and cookie dough it took me to get bigger pussy. I love big women, fat bitches, BBWs (Big Beautiful Women), buffaloes, or whatever the fuck you call them. I love my sugawalls extra thick and greasy.

If you want to contact me personally, hit me up at nigelbiggame@gmail.com

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43 thoughts on “About me

    • There is no shortage of butthurt feminazi cunts around either. I’m not sure whether you actually understand the whole concept of misogyny, but I’d be willing to put money on the fact that you cannot legitimately justify calling the author of this blog a misogynist. I suspect you’re also most likely guilty of misandry, and sexism yourself, and are in no position to be making such claims. I just hope your sense of self entitlement and injustice in the world is all just fantasy. Oh wait – it is. How convenient for the rest of the women in western society.

  1. Nigel you’re one ugly bastard. Why don’t you stop taking advantage of these beautiful women and get a real life. Unlike you, I’m actually contributing to society with information of substance.

  2. I just want to congratulate you on this blog. I used to do this kind of thing when I was younger, but now with internet porn and my rare beetle collection, I don’t have time for such shenanigans. Did you ever play the GTA games and listen to the funny radio with lazlow and all the other characters?

  3. Hi Nigel. I can’t imagine what brought you to my blog on sex and love addiction, but thanks for liking my post.

    As someone who would be considered a BBW (in Los Angeles, at least, maybe not in Louisiana). I’m kind of confused about how to feel about this blog. Feeling a strange mixture of offense, amusement, and a small amount of pride.

    You seem good-natured enough, so I think I’ll just choose to go with amusement.

    Good luck with… everything.

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  6. Holy fucking shit..I have no words……i almost pissed myself I laughed so hard. I snorted vodka out of my nose. You are brilliant. Thanks! 🙂

  7. Hmmmm – well aren’t you interesting? I will be following closely. I admire people who are brave and bold about their desires but we all know there is an element of torture in feeding – isn’t there? Have you ever been tortured?

    Either way, as with BDS&M I acknowledge that there are willing parties on both sides to arrangements like these – do you worry about possible repercussions?

    Thanks for getting in touch. Good, brave blog

    • As if having a 500 pound woman sitting on my face isn’t torture? I love torture.

      Repercussions? Yeah I worry about possible damage to my furniture and my pelvis region. Obviously I never buy my beds from Ikea, they can’t support a BBW’s ass for shit.

      One time I lost a big icey watch in a fat woman’s ass. Minus 3 grand right there. That was torture.

  8. Nigel, this is a great blog. A lot of people don’t know chubbychasers go that way because usually they have dicks a lot bigger than 13″, when you’re deploying that much wood you need a lot of bacon to feed that dog. I’d like to see a lot of the detractors here try taking a 500 lbs. woman doggy style. Not gonna happen so nothing left to do but bitch and complain.
    A lot of the feminists here are whining cuz they are simply not big enough woman to handle that much bat, and are jealous since they know never are they going to snatch one like you that has the power to reach beyond the cheap seats… the way a champ does.
    Nigel, you’re doing God’s work. Praise the Lord!

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