How to turn a fat woman into your personal sex slave, in 7 easy steps

One of the things that I love about being a Fat Accepting chubby chaser is how much abuse and domination fat hoes are willing to tolerate for love and acceptance. First off, let me tell you, I’m all about Fat Acceptance because I worship equality, but that doesn’t mean fat bitches shouldn’t have to earn their acceptance by fulfilling all of our deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. Hell no. This trick revolves around using Fat Acceptance as her reward for being a slave.

1. You have to be selective with your prey, like a hunter. Look for fatties that are alone. If you see a fat girl with fat friends at McDonald’s, you can still game her, but she won’t be as inclined to become your fat sexslave because she gets enough fat acceptance through the emotional support of her big fat friends. Fatties that are alone and have no friends are emotionally more vulnerable. You have to take advantage. For the promise of true Fat Acceptance, she will happily reciprocate by giving her self up for abuse, humiliation, and all other forms of sexual slavery.

2. Run your standard game, then tell her how beautiful you think she is, how you love girls her size — wait until later to tell her that you want to violate her flaps. Give her a few fat hugs. Let her cry on your shoulder. Be her temporary emotional tampon — you only have to tolerate this bullshit for 5 minutes, so man up. That’s it. Just give her that 5 minute sample of your fat acceptance. Any more than that and she will ask you to buy her food, as she’ll think you are wife-ing her up.

3. At this point she is hungry for dick. So feed it to her. Get her phone number, fuck her in the face and then dump her off at the bus station like a whale making its way to the beach. After you dump her off, text her telling her how big and beautiful she is — mentally and physically beautiful. This will further establish the emotional connection, and the mental loop of servitude and reward which we’ll use to exploit her in the next few steps.

4. In this step, wait for her to text you back the next day to gauge for emotional investment. If she texts you back, you have a slave in the making. Tell that hoe that if she is serious, then she’ll come over to your place so you can take things further.

5. Then tell her that the sex you had with her last time was terrible, and that you have a feeding fetish. Easy enough for any fattie to fulfill. Turn it up a notch by telling her she should sit in a cage because you like it when things have a more S&M feel.

6. This is the most critical step: Get her to consume LSD. I think the best way to do this is by the force feeding method. I like using a beer bong to force feed lard smoothies infused with LSD powder. After she starts tripping out and losing her mind, ramp up the abuse! Call her a fat slut, slap her, get her to eat french fries from a dog bowl, shove cornbread up her ass and make her eat it, or whatever else you like. The trick here is to make her first experience as a slave as awful as possible, combined with the LSD trip. I turn it up a notch by inviting my blogger buddies Omar and Billy over to help me run the train on her.

7. After you leave her lying, unconscious, in a wading pool of bukkake, blood, and her own vomit, give her a fat hug and remind her of your allegiance to fat acceptance. Remind her how much you love her for accepting her body, and being so confident about her size.

It’s that simple. Once she gets emotionally caught in a loop of chasing your fat acceptance (combined with LSD) she is your slave. Congratulations! Now you can feel free to throw food at her, force feed her, shock her with your cattle prod until she vomits shit — but only as long as you end each session of torture with a fat hug and a kind reminder of your acceptance of her fattiness.

P.S. Don’t worry about your fat slave turning on you and reporting you to the authorities. Fat women lie and pretend they get raped all the time because they couldn’t get most guys to fuck them, even if they paid (the men) for it. No one ever believes them.

Letting my sex slaves take a cleansing bath once in a while helps remove the dried semen hidden underneath their slabs.

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74 thoughts on “How to turn a fat woman into your personal sex slave, in 7 easy steps

    • It made me think about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles…didn’t he want to be her tampon??

      Really Evelyn is that the only thing about this post that disturbs you?? You might have been slipped too much LSD.

      Nigel…you have in a few simple posts defined why the Fat Acceptance Movement opposes Feederism. Don’t get me wrong I’m totally into BDSM…there is nothing sexier then being a submissive to a respectful, powerful Dom, but you are mmmm I have not words. One Sick Fuck?? I’m not sure posting that you drug women to get them to sleep with you is good idea either…how about??? One Stupid Fuck!!!! You might want to clarify that this is your warped fantasy…and not something you have actually done. I see prison in your future if you haven’t been there already, and no I’m not a psychic..nor do I play one on TV.

  1. If Fat Acceptance is all about the continued humiliation and domination of women by men (your other posts aren’t far behind this one, considering their subject matter) then you can shove it into a cream pie and eat it yourself. You appear to be a CC because you find the fatter the woman the lower the self esteem.
    Horrible blog. Horrible attitude.

  2. Much respect, Nigel! I’ll have to get your recommendations on a good cattle prod. Want to make sure I have one with adequate volts, or kilowats or whatever standard they go by.

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  4. I luv fatty woman wit big ass it drives me crazy going deeper inside them.. To me nothing sweeter than sexing a chubby fat lady put her on ur long fat dick…

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  7. Thank you so much Nigel. I have a date with a stage 4 fatty tonight and I was feeling a bit unclear as to how the evening should go. I’ve bought some really nice cornbread to force into her anus. I hope she doesn’t flip out or anything. Thanks again!

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  9. Don’t read my blog. Don’t come near anything I do, and you are fucking sick. Fat women lie about rape all the time because no one wants to fuck them. You are about a sick fucking piece of shit. I hope somone sees this and actually puts you to the test, and then you get arrested for touching fat women. I am also sorry for any woman who would settle for a hug as reassurance from some nasty dick wad as confirmation of his “fat acceptance” you shure do put the word douchebag to the test. ASSHAT.

    • be TOLERENT of other opinions plz. not a lot of guys appreciate larger women like myself…so wut if nigel isnt perfect? who is? everyone called me names in high school for being a bbw…nigel likes me the way i am. whats wrong with that???

      • What is wrong with drugging women and raping them and shoving things up their asses? I don’t know. Maybe every fucking word of that. I am sorry if you were abused but he literally states he abuses women. So he is only accepting of them because they tolerate the sick humiliating abusive shit he is into. You can do better, any woman could do better. After all some men like big women just for liking them, not to humiliate and abuse them. The sick shit he says should land him in some prison where someone sticks something huge up his ass and leaves him in a “pool of blood.” I don’t have to tolerate anything and certainly not this.

      • Hmmm interesting, are in age bracket of 40-65 with large wide round lardy cellulite ass and thighs ??? i would to ramp my head and face in their and smell,lick and feel heaven,hmmm wat a treat such ladies are!!! mesmerizing

      • Yeah i agree with Rachel and your thoughts of showing respect and love and not lust, but i am tooo much occupied with such thinking and lust (as my picture suggest) I AM SORRY

        by the way, u look nice

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  13. Not even gonna I’d tie up a bbw and fuck the shit outta her but none of the other shit do bro. I can’t tolerate when a woman/child claim they were raped and are left emotionally hurt and all the other stuff, it makes me sad, angry and a cold hearted gangsta call up the homies pick up some armory an hunt down some rapists on tha real do cuz, if you rape someone and they call for my help I’ll hunt you down and and have a big dick strap-on rape the shit outta you talking about dildos with rusty nails on em do cus if someone ask for my help I will never turn them down. But for now you an me, we cool soo don’t fuck shit up and get an ass infection

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  16. If you’re too lazy to lose weight don’t bitch about people having a laugh at your expense. I’m tired of this “fat is beautiful” shit.
    “Oh yeah, you know what turns me on? Heart disease.”
    “It really gets me going when chicks have an amputated foot cause of diabetes!”
    This goes for men too! The only person you can blame for being a fat slob is yourself. If you need it sugar coated I can’t help you.

  17. You win all of the internetz today for this blog, good sir. Man, I love smelling jimmies getting rustled in the morning. Thanks for all the fat acceptance ideas. . . and btw, what kind of cage do you use to put them in? It’s kinda hard picking one out at Home Depot. Thanks! -Stubbs

  18. Look who we have here, a poor soul probably orphaned at birth, bullied at high school and probably never ever loved and thats why the only way he can enjoy sex is by drugging, raping and torturing women. The man has his self esteem so low that the only way he feels better about himself is by disrespecting and humiliating others who he call “fat.” Tch tch…. They might be fat u know, but you are the one who is actually sick and needs help. Too bad you found no love in your own family… Sweetheart, you don’t think you are doing those fat chicks a favor, you are doing yourself a favor because u r the one who needs acceptance somewhere deep down. Babe, have some self respect.. 🙂 tch tch.. I pity you so much… The sorry existence that u lead.

  19. Disgusting article. I can only hope you’re not nearly as much of a sadistic piece of shit as you present yourself here.

    • I can only home that you’re not nearly as much as a lame, boring, humorless dunce as you present yourself here.

  20. you are a disgusting little douchebag. Only reason you turn to fat girls is cause no other girl would even consider dating a psycho freak like yourself. I am embarrassed to even share a planet with you , and sad that I even ended up on a blog like this one.

  21. seriously fucked up. What the fuck kind of sick perverted twisted mind could do that shit to any person? Regardless of sex, age size or race. It’s just not right. And I seriously hope it’s not real. The poor women who could have this happen to them, my heart goes out to them… I hope some fat chick puts a bullet between your eyes!

  22. Even as a guy, I find this to be THE MOST OFFENSIVE thing I’ve read ALL year. What in the actual fuck is wrong with you people?? Play on her emotions? Drug her? Take advantage of the fact that our equally fucked society has probably broken her down enough?? This is fucking sick on so many levels! Shit like this is a part of what’s wrong with what’s socially suitable or not. Whoever you are, blogger, fuck you! And to those women who may find this acceptable, wake the fuck up! Don’t take this bullshit! BDSM, humiliation, etc is one thing, okay. This, however, is fucked up and wrong! Women, even I as a man can and WILL say you deserve so much better than this and any other low life bastard. If you’re a bigger woman, take pride in the fact that you are still fucking beautiful! You start by validating yourself, and others will follow. Don’t let sick motherfuckers like this blogger trick into thinking this is all you’re worth. Fuck that noise! My girlfriend is a “full figure” woman, and I treat her like a fucking queen! No drugs, lies, or tricks required! For those of you out there who find this guy acceptable, you’re all social fucking scum who deserve to go to whatever hell may exist!!

    • I don’t even have a response to this. I kinda feel like crawling in a hole and crying myself to death. If people like this exist the world is isn’t worth the rocks it’s made out of.

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