Big Women Need Dick More Than Ever.

Bigger women have it hard these days: hip problems, thyroid problems, trouble getting out of bed problems, and sometimes they get their feet cut off because diabetes… They’re 99 problems have 99 problems each. A lot of the bigger BBWs are officially disabled and require special accommodations and monitoring services like Life Alert. Often when they call for help, the dispatchers that are supposed to help them just laugh instead and order her a pizza. Larger women face extraordinary amounts of pain and humiliation every day, and even though they won’t admit it, they’re desperate for any opportunity for sex. We have to show these bigger women more love and respect than ever before, because now we can! 🙂

The video below is of a large woman that’s a News anchor, and even she was bullied over email. It brings me pain watching this video (SMH… unbelievable). She needs a hug, and some serious dick.

And you bet if I hit her up on the street she’d be easier than getting fried shrimp in The Big Easy.

It makes no sense to me why or how the sight of adipose on some woman’s body evokes so much hatred, and so much rage in so many crazy white guys on the internet. A man known as Heartiste (most likely a Klansman) recently blogged about 11 Things You Should Always Say To A Fat Girl, which wasn’t very nice — In another post I’ll revise that list reflect my disposition. He seems like a smart guy, which is why I’m still scratching my head, but you know what, it’s his loss! More fat bitches for me. He’s got his 11 things to say, while I’m laying some dark pipe on 11 new BBWs from Craigslist.

See, while other guys just sit around at their laptops complaining about fat women getting fatter, I do something about it. I hate complainers because I’m an opportunist that hustles hard. I see an opportunity: A bunch of thick white women that can’t get no dick, and I make it work for me. There’s literally a deficit in dick, and guys all over are turning these BBWs down. What the hell, I love it. America is the land opportunity indeed. God bless America, and God bless these bullies. Thank you Heartiste, you are making it easier for me. All these bitches will coming crying to my food truck for their favorite comfort food, with an extra large serving of dark meat. 😉


Thanks to bullies, sometimes all I have to do is show up at the Ham Hock Saloon or any other BBW club pushing in a wheel chair, and that’s it. I’ve got a big bird ready to come to the motel with me and get her mouth stuffed with my cocopuffs. Hell, I can just bang ’em out behind a dumpster and shove moldy french fries up their ass. Now don’t get me wrong, Big Game isn’t easy; you still have to have very tight logistics and a decent knowledge of physics, be able to appreciate great food, and dead lift at least 350 pounds. But other then that, the BBWs themselves are more open to sex than ever before, I’ll admit it. I wouldn’t call myself an opportunist, but rather a hustler on a good run when I get pull in these hogs.

Nigel in the club

Keep on keepin’ on.

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32 thoughts on “Big Women Need Dick More Than Ever.

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  2. Who ever you are, YOU ARE DISGUSTING! How can you take advantage of fat women like that? They are sad as it is already and you are HURTING them. They don’t need more dick, they need people to stop bullying them. You are FUCKING SICK!!!!!!!

    • Nigel really really loves really FAT women, he loves them just when they think no one will ever love them again, because they are so FAT. And you call him fucking sick …. who’s the hater here? Who’s trying to hog all the dick? You are. It is you that is HURTING and trying to hoard dick. My guess is you are FAT… and the irony of it is… Nigel LOVES YOU. He just wants to FEED and LOVE you and give you lots of DICK.

  3. “Big Game isn’t easy”
    In your case that’s a pure bullshit statement. The big slobs you are able to get with will drop their pants for a Billy goat if given half a chance. The only women you can hook up with are ghetto slobs and trailer trash hogs. I’ll bet you’re the kind of dude that cruises the supermarket for women right after the welfare checks are issued each month. Face it Nigel the woman you can hook up with is a pig no matter what size she is.

    • wat is wrong with you??? now thats just horrible…just because someone is poor doesnt mean they arent ppl 2 u know…

    • This is a FAT woman is crying for help. Her husband is a pencil dick lawyer who will not fulfill her fantasy of being picked up and taken behind a supermarket dumpster and being filled with luscious Salami’s and Detroit cream. You have come to the right place for help DF.
      NIGEL — LOVES — YOU!!!!

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  5. What the actual fuck are you talking about, though? Any woman that has a semblance of self respect would see your through bullshit and not sleep with you. The women you get are severely lacking in self esteem and although you may think that they just “need dick,” they really need to get themselves in therapy. Jesus.

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