Do Fat Women Give Better Head?


We all love getting our knob slobbed and our snake slurped, then droppin the nut seeds down her hatch. Every time I empty out a batch of my own secret sauce in a fat bitch’s mouth, I throw my hands up and thank the lord; hell I even open up my window and let all my neighbors know with a loud Hell Yeah! I know the man up stairs is smiling down on me when I pull it off because It’s no secret that fat women give the best head.

You might think it’s easier to get some head from a BBW, because you assume that fat women are always hungry, which is true. But here’s the catch: they are hungry for food, not your dick, at least not right away. I’m going to explain how you can flip this around as quickly as possible, so you can get your dick sucked so hard that your forehead caves in.

First thing comes first, you got to have the right food.

Find out what she is craving by asking her what she’s in the mood for, or try subtly making suggesting that she responds well to. I like to put my head up to her stomach and assume it’s growling in hunger for corndogs and sausage. “Baby your gut knows what you want best, and it’s asking me for corndogs.” Every BBW I’ve done this to has laughed out loud. It’s usually a good idea to suggest food that has a phallic shape to it, and preferably something greasy. BBWs love the aftertaste of any kind of buttery grease — this Is why I often use popcorn butter or hog grease as lubricant for my cock, not just for cooking; Sometimes it’s necessary if her mouth is smaller, so I can squeeze in my huge BBC.

A common amateur chubby chaser mistake is made when you just start feeding her as soon as she is hungry and opens her mouth. Don’t be a rash fool. If you do that, she’ll just eat you out of house and home and then fall asleep — and you can’t have sex with her while she’s asleep, that’s rape my brother. You’ll go to prison if you do that, where you’ll be giving head instead of receiving it. Anyway, not to digress here, it’s important leverage her desire for food as a way to guide her toward whatever sexual act you want her to perform.

some guy feeding girlfriend

Above you see the mistake. He just rewards her right away. She didn’t earn that hot dog like a good little fat bitch. Below, my man Parker Clark has it right. After she finishes her plate she’ll be scarfing down his breakfast sausage like a bottomless cum dumpster. See, it’s just an associations game — she sees the food, the dick, and then slurp slurp.

Man puts plate of food near his crotch, bbw is hungry for his food/dick

If you get the above right, you’ll have successfully leveraged her insatiable hunger for food over to your dick, getting a blow job that’s stronger than a 100 Dyson vacuum cleaners. But watch out if you feel any teeth, keep your pimp hand ready. Keep it strong. I’ve knocked out a few fat bitches that thought they could chew on my cock. Where there’s great pleasure, there’s great danger.

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24 thoughts on “Do Fat Women Give Better Head?

  1. To Whom It May Concern (or “Mr. Davis”),

    My name is Harold Leibowitz, and my wife (this is her account that I’m using to comment) is a frequent visitor to your blog. She expressed some troubling concerns to me that may be of legal nature. I have a bit more to say that I would rather not put as a comment. Do you have an email I can use to contact you personally?

    Harold Liebowitz, JD, Esq.

      • The truth of the matter is you couldn’t fuck a knothole in an old garden fence and that’s what this whole blog is about. This entire poor excuse for a blog is nothing more than your pathetic little misogynistic rant against women. You are angry and resentful because all you can hook up with are what decent respectable guys refer to as “slump-busters”,” bush-pigs”, and “hood rat welfare hogs”. The truth of the matter is any decent self-respecting SSBBW who has a brain or a job wouldn’t even lower herself enough to spit on you Nigel and you know it. That’s why you are so angry and hurtful toward the fuller figured ladies; LMAO.

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  3. Amazing. The degree of strategic and psychological insight into a subject that once promised only danger and revealed only conjecture and mystery. This is the inner sanctum my friends. We are now inside the whale. We now rub between our palms the proverbial fats of the land.

  4. whaddup nigel. puttin popcorn butter on youre dick is a hella good move cuz fat chicks love puttin butter on all their food. have you ever tried puttin pizza sause on youre dick. fat chicks are all about dominos son theres a dominos by my house &hella fat bitches are chceckin it out

    • Hella careful f-close Frank putting food on youre dick is great advice but dont use chocolate! One of my homies tried it with a really hungry BBW and he lost his manhood! Very dangerous !

      He was still proud to have done it, not every men have the courage to chase such big game!

  5. Nigel, enjoy fat women while you can! Your days as a chubby chaser might be numbered, taking a recent invention by Microsoft (!) into account. They’ve come up with a bra to keep women from overeating! More:

    • Aaron, this is terrible news, however I don’t think a bra is going to be effective enough. Most SSBBWs don’t even wear a bra, because they can barely fit into their XXXXL shirts. Just gotta rip ’em off and let the titties hang raw.

      • “Just gotta rip ‘em off and let the titties hang raw.” I need to borrow this line for my master’s thesis: ‘Urban Sexual Politics: Implications for Cooperation, Efficiency and Productivity in the Spaghetti Sauce Trade Regime “, naturally with proper attribution.

      • The ssbbw’s I know ALL wear bras. Only ghetto pig bitches and trailer trash Jerry Springer show reject women walk around with their huge beautiful fun bags swinging in the breeze. More proof that you Nigel are only good enough to get with the low hanging fruit.

          • I’m not angry at all. I’m just showing the contrast between real men and low class slobs like Nigel. He can have all the pigs he can wallow in the mud with, for all I care. I guess somebody has to fuck the hogs of the world. Better him than me; fortunately my gag reflex and my self-respect keep me from such activities.

            • Thanks for showing the contrast between real men like Nigel and low class slobs like DF….DF. Nothing but shit comes out of low class slobs who wallow in the mud they spew out like the hogs of the world. They have no self-respect so they enjoy showing how ugly and messed up they are in the open. Thanks ye Lord for people like Nigel who puts out a message of positivity and acceptance .

              • Original much, pig fucker? LMAO.

                Guys like you should be sterilized. We really can’t afford for hog humpers like you and Nigel to be breeding with your obese ghetto pigs.

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