How to Go Down on Bigger Women

Nigel with a fresh kill

I know what you must be thinking, “but Nigel, how do you get your head in there, or even find that pussy?” Good question. Trust me when I tell you that it isn’t as hard as it looks, but much harder; and it’s all absolutely necessary, because a woman’s pussy can only take so much of a beating until it needs a very gentle, healing massage. Besides, it’s a nice thing to do for your BBW once in a while so she can feel some pleasure too, and know that you appreciate her. When she sees all the intense effort you put into eating out her inner beef slabs, she’ll feel more than obligated to continue allowing herself to be your BBW mistress.

So before you just dive in, stop right there.. First you have to make sure that beef is clean and kosher. This might seem obvious, but larger women often have greater hygiene problems; often a large gunt with a fat ass/thighs will make it difficult for her to even wipe her own ass after taking a dump, with her fecal matter getting compounded over time. Even without ancient doodoo hanging out near her pussy, her nether region is home to all kinds of yeast, mold, and sometimes mushrooms too — and hey, those extra mushrooms go great on that pizza you’ll feed her later. Anyway, this is why it’s important to get a fresh sponge (that you never plan on using again) and pull out a large wading pool that’s big enough for her ass; because you’ll have to get your BBW to bend over and spread her legs so you can reach in and scrub that shit out. If you don’t like getting your hand stuck inside her fleshy abyss, you can always take her with you to the car wash at 4 am and have her get out and spread her legs. Important: make sure there’s no surveillance cameras at the car wash.

Now after all that hard work and preparation, you still can’t put your crabfest 2010 bib on just yet. Remember, it’s painful and difficult for any BBW to keep her legs spread open, especially when your head is up her ass. Her legs will give out sooner or later, and her pussy cavity will collapse around your head, crushing it instantly. So any hazardous situation like this requires the proper gear, that’s why I highly recommend wearing a helmet of some kind that isn’t so big that you can’t squeeze your head up her ass. Another tip is to use some kind of oil, WD-40 works great. Last but definitely not least, make sure you have a forced leg spreading device to keep her legs spread open, or just tie her legs to bed posts to keep them open. Whatever works. A fork lift is another option if you’re dealing with SSBBWs (Super Sized Big Beautiful Whores). But hey, that’s a whole n’other level, my level. After I eat ’em out, super sized bitches get super sized dick!

Once you got that accomplished, now you have to find it. I recommend the smell test, which is self explanatory. However, if you’re not a natural like me, then the next best thing is poking her ass until you hear her scream bloody murder. Great way to do this is with a corndog, because it’s warm and soft, and you can put it in her mouth afterwards to add an extra-sensual touch. If she asks where it’s been, just tell her you dipped it in chocolate. Or ketchup if there’s blood.


Ass to mouth with a corndog. That’s what I’m talkin’bout baby.

If things get too hot, put some ice cream on that ass to cool it down.

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35 thoughts on “How to Go Down on Bigger Women

    • Yeah, like you’re getting any reward. How can you honestly live yourself taking a perfectly normal type of woman, TLW (The Larger Woman), and attempting to transform it into some objectifying fetish? It would be offensive if it wasn’t so…sad.

      Ugh. But whatever.

      You can look, but don’t you dare touch.


      • He’s not getting anything except a few minor jollies as he makes an ass out of himself with this blog. I’m getting the feeling that Nigel is actually some little basement dwelling nerd who has never been laid in his pathetic life. LOL

  1. Thank you… Thank you for this!!!!!!! While we fo not have late night car washes over in my parts, We do have industrial high pressure hoses for cleaning boats and skyscraper windows, so i’ma use that. With that, all I need to do is aim the nozzle up her butt cheeks, and between her legs, and we’re good to go!But question – what if she wants to go to a facesitting position? I have had this proposed to me several times by my 500 pounder. What should I do?

    • You are most welcome brother.

      Face sitters are dangerous, especially if they are SSBBWs. But if you want to live a little dangerously like myself, build a (steal reinforced) platform for your face, one that she can also sit on. This way you can get your face sat on safely knowing the reinforced steal has got you protected. Personally, I make it look pretty by gluing on some glitter. then I tell her it’s a throne, and she feels like a BBW queen.

      Man, i love technology.

      • i luv teh stinky pussies lol

        i make em queef and sometimes i swear they can say my name with there pussies

        its like who dat is??? i tell u! T Pussysweat in the house!!!!!! fuck yea!!!!!

            • That’s just another bullshit excuse for bad behavior. ADHD is THE most over diagnosed load of crap today. About 20 or so years ago about 40% of the children in America suddenly came down with ADHD; BULLSHIT. Take your Ritalin and STFU. ADHD my ass.

              • its a disease i suffre every day..y did u think i wasnt able to pass remeedial math in tenttth grade even though everyone at home knows im a numbersguy?

        • You can have all the fat, stupid, unwashed, pig pussy you can eat, there fucknuts. I stick with the classy good looking, educated, large ladies who know what personal hygiene is and practice it on a regular basis. You just stick to the trail trash, Honey Boo-Boo types because that what hood-rats deserve.

      • yahhh for once pussyboy here is right!! just go for it, eating big ladies is to die for (somtimes literally LOL!!) enjoy man lick that hot bitch good! mmmmhmmmmmmm

        • Only white pigs fuck the “niggas”. They are the kind or white women no self-respecting white, Asian or Hispanic dude will touch. Basically you “niggas” get to pick from the trailer park leavings that the toothless redneck white boys leave for you. Unfortunately you “niggas” are so hungry for the white trophy you are too cocked stupid to notice or care. LMAO
          You do know that your taste in white women is a running joke among the rest of society, don’t you? Why do you think that is?

          • tahts offensive

            before i got my current career i was a costuumer assosiate at an innout burger n there was this lady whod always com in with her husband and i would always talkto them about work and things. once she came in crying and i ask her whats wrong and hse told me taht i didnt want to hear it but i did and it was about her husband sayin all sorts of shit about how she wasnt good enuff and all taht and i was like ‘comeone pussysweat is here (not my real name lololol but for the sake of anonimity) n we went for a walk an started talking and ended up having an affare. she was pretty too thin and blond and she just appreciated my kind and musculer frame. wahts wron with dat? she made the choice to hookup with a hoodrat according to u but i was kind and she was nice so whats wrong?

            think before u judge next time plz. were all people and we care

            • Your story is almost as terrible as your spelling. Go to school kid and learn something. Hood-rats like you lack the education even to be good trolls.

              • im not trolling llololol what ur problem man?. im just tryin to spread teh love and all that good stuff n u just keep kickin in with the racist fukcing bullshit

                BE TOLERENT PLZ…im just on this good mans forum (a man of GOd u should no…hes a preacher after all) n tryhin to learn new ways to weave my game so i can stickkit in the butts of all those fine fat ladys…and let me tell u…WAHTS WRONG WIT HTHAT?

                u little whtie bitch

              • an ur friend desree is a fat whore. meyersliebowitz??? what kindof butch disgusting woman hiphenates her name like htat? u clearlyattract the disgusting ones

                and my spelling isnt that bad im from camden nj and dont own a computer…so i use ones in the publicc libary n there old

                • Stop trying so hard troll. You aren’t convincing anyone. Besides even if a hood-rat like you could locate the public library all the computers in the Camden library were probably stolen years ago. You people can’t have public computer access because “nigga” hood-rats don’t deserve nice things. That’s why we give them all our fat trailer trash pigs to fuck. LMAO

  2. Top notch post, Nigel. I’ve never seen ass/pussy area mushrooms though! What are your thoughts on using a BBW mistress to cultivate your own mushrooms? The conditions are nearly ideal down there; dark, moist, plenty of fertilizer from the poo. I’m thinking about going down to the BBW emporium (craigslist) and picking me up one for this purpose.

    I generally use industrial sized C clamps to pin the slabs aside to access the innermost sanctums. Works good but you’ve got to put rubber stops on the ends of the clamp as to avoid hurting your lady.

    Thanks again for the advice and inspiration, sir.

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