Fitness For Heavier Women: Stay Healthy At Any Size


It’s true, women can be healthy at any size. That shouldn’t be big news for big girls. But here’s the real big news: Bigger women have to workout even harder to be healthy. And by “workout” let me specify that I don’t mean it in the conventional sense, because that’s too difficult. Instead I mean special exercises for bigger girls that strengthens their body, improves coordination, and helps out with blood flow too (which is very important). It’s a known fact that the more body fat a bitch carries, the more likely she’s going to die from a heart attack or some other shit. Believe me, the last thing I want is for one of my BBW hoes dying from a heart attack while I’m plunging my BBC deep in her ass, so I became a personal trainer. By specializing in BBW Fitness I can help big bitches stay alive and collect a paycheck too.

It wasn’t long ago that I completed my online certification courses and became a personal trainer, in fact it feels like yesterday that I had my first client. She was a big, loud, independent black woman with a huge pink afro. And since it was pink, It looked like somekind of nappy ass, over sized cotton candy. Mmmmmm I knew I had to take a bite of that… It had to have weighed 50 pounds alone. She must have been one proud sistah to sport such a huge afro. When I saw her I was like “right on sistah. Right on.” When she rolled up to me in her wheelchair, I greeted her with my black fist in the air and smiled, knowing I’d be using that fist to exercise her ass later.

We got started with some basic stretches, but even this was difficult for her considering her size. To be honest there wasn’t much she could do, she was beyond hope. I brought her into my office and tried to tell her the bad news: she’s too big, even for Zumba. She started to cry, but being a gentleman I knew I had to fix this situation, and make it right. I brought out some donuts to calm her down. She gave some token resistance at first, but eventually I was stuffing them in her mouth as I bent her over and fisted her up the ass. Thank god my desk was made of red wood oak, otherwise it would be broke. I said “You want to workout for real? This is the only workout fat bitches get around here” as I went balls deep, with her face shoved in the box of donuts. It looked like an Afro was growing out of my desk, a nappy pink, cotton candy afro.

After that exercise, I was so mad at her for making my desk all messy with pussy juice and donut jelly, I pulled my shit covered dick out and wiped it off on her fro. “Bitch, that’s what you get.. Good luck washing that out.”  She was too exhausted to get upset, so I took her phone and called up her big friends for a group fitness session. Later I shoved her friend’s head up her pussy and fucked her in the ass. I got to workout two bitches at once, turning my workout room into a sweatshop. It was a twerkout workout, but with their huge asses twerking up on my junk.

Anyways, the typical daily workout routine is something like this:

It all starts out with warm up: A good game of hide and seek usually does the trick. I typically hide some food somewhere my house (usually my bedroom) and she has to find it. This is a great way to get BBWs up and waddling, which gets the blood flowing around. I always hide the food under my bed, so when she eventually finds it up we end up play hide and seek with her genitals — which I consider to be a more intense strength workout. But if you find her pussy and hit it, voilà. You win.  If you find her asshole, it’s a draw.

After a few rounds of hide and seek I get my BBW(s) to stretch. Sounds impossible?  You’d be surprised how flexible some BBWs are. Normally stretching is considered the warm up exercise, but not for these bitches, they do hardcore stretches, that’s why they have so many stretch marks. When they stretch it’s like dead lifting, and often they need assistance. I like to make them bend over, that way I can help them up and show them I’m a gentleman for real, “baby, I got you.” Great way to “sexualize the exercise.” Finally I’ll help her spread her legs so we can stretch out her pussy.

I finish up by helping BBWs workout their stomach and intestines with some food. This is part of their bulking phase that’s necessary to maintain healthy coats of fatty insulation. An anal jizz protein shake immediately after workouts helps them too. Most of this can just be freestyled, there’s no set rules. Gotta make ’em sweat, cause it’s better for her to have a fart attack than a heart attack.

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30 thoughts on “Fitness For Heavier Women: Stay Healthy At Any Size

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  2. Glad to see you are keeping to your own kind in this post. Hood-rat scum like you need to ONLY hook up with huge, fat, dirty, welfare living, fried chicken eating “nigga” mamas. That’s all you are good for and you deserve each other. Keep your leeching ass, STD spreading, black snake away from the fat white chicks.

      • Idiot. Just keep you misogynistic junk out of the decent women.
        BTW, if you are implying that I am somehow being racist by associating you with ghetto, hood-rat bitches then you are even more clueless than I thought. All my criticism of you and the women you allegedly stalk is based on your low character and not on race. Hood-rats are not a race. They come in all colors, creeds and sizes, you fucking, brain dead scumbag, LMAO.

            • That is not me, but he is clearly my brother.

              There is much ignorance here. I have showed you my productions. I have showed you my art – what have you shown me?

              I have shown you what lies in my innermost soul, and you hide behind an avatar.

              You coward.

              be free my child,
              for we shall not rest

              be free my child
              for you shall soar

              like the bird
              up above
              up above
              is it the freebird?
              I daresay
              rising against the oppression
              the tide of war
              but how
              but no
              fly away my sweet bird over the land
              take life for all the freedom you can

                • I’ve been reading your comments for a while, and I must say, you’re a real man, DF. You appreciate TLW (The Larger Woman) in a true sense – not mean-spirited satire or objectifying fetishism. Kudos.

                  I was about to tell you to not waste your time on these trolls, but I enjoy reading it way too much. Go get ’em!


                  • Thank you, I love the bigger ladies to no end. I always follow one simple rule with all the beautiful fatties I’ve been with; just because a woman weighs MORE it doesn’t mean she should receive LESS respect.
                    It’s that simple but unfortunately it’s not simple enough for the simple minded hood-rat pigs like Nigel.

                    • Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

                      Take notice, little boys. This is how you be a man.


    • I will do as you command…and ensure my black snake stays far away from fat white chicks…instead striking with fangs bared and venom oozing at petite and slim white girls:)

    • As a black man, I find this highly offensive. If you wish to speak ill of low-life criminals or gangmember-types, fine, but to turn it into a blatant racial insult is frankly disgusting.

      -Jamal D. Freeman, Howard University (’10); African American studies

      • As I’ve explained this before ghetto, hood-rats are not a race, so there is nothing racial about it. A hood-rat which is a kind of low-life, urban dwelling, creature that the owner of this blog associates with can be of any race, creed or color. It just so happens that unfortunately hood-rats are represented all too frequently as being members of the black community. This is unfortunate but not without good reason. Bottom line is my criticism is based solely on the actions of the blogger in question (Nigel) and nothing more.

        • You referenced us as “half-breeds,” “niggas”, and as “your kind.” How else are we supposed to take it?

          Hoodrats are represented in the black community? If your presupposition is correct, who’s fault do you think it is? If a people undergoes oppression, they react. Action, reaction. It’s physics. Math.

          -Jamal D. Freeman, Howard University (’10); African American studies

          • Stop with the poor oppressed black man bullshit. Blacks are their own worst enemy. My ancestors were oppressed by the Romans so does that give me the right to act like the world owes me something. NO it does not. So stop blaming your failure as a race to succeed on shit that happened 150 years ago. Pull up your pants, stop using the “N” word (in all its vernacular forms) go to school and get a job.
            BTW, “nigga” is not a racial slur at least according to the info that came out of the Zimmerman trial. You clowns don’t get to have it both ways. In the English language there are NO “special” words reserved ONLY for certain races. Get that thru your heads and you will all be better off. Maybe then blacks as a community will move forward and progress with the rest of the racial and ethnic groups in the US.

            • There is much ignorance here.

              Not all can see the light.

              -Jamal D. Freeman, Howard University (’10); African American studies

            • “The Light” – a poem by Jamal D. Freeman

              The light is bold,
              the light is fierce.

              Whose light? Mine?
              My brothers’.

              My brothers suffer, but why?
              My brothers suffer, who hears the cry?

              The white man wages,
              The white man stages.

              But the light will not die,
              And I shall not lie.

              I wish you peace.
              For I am the Phoenix, soaring bold into the sky.

              -Jamal D. Freeman, Howard University (’10); African American studies

              • You’re not only a crappy troll, “Jamal” but you’re a shitty poet as well. LMFAO!
                Check the course curriculum and Howard. Maybe they have a elementary creative writing course you could benefit from.

                • I won an Afro American Heritage award for that poem.

                  I am sorry your ignorance blinds you.

                  For the blind cannot see. And he who cannot see
                  Cannot be
                  set free.

                  -Jamal D. Freeman, Howard University (’10); African American studies

                  • “Afro American Heritage Award” wow aren’t you just a regular Gwendolyn Brooks
                    Did you set that piece of shit poem to rap music yet? LMAO
                    Ya know, instead of writing these fuzzy kind or vague rhymes, why don’t you write an ode to stuff that happens in the black community every day. You could call it “What nigga dun stole the wheels off my Escalade” or some shit like that. I bet it will be wildly popular.
                    Just stop, you are about the most unconvincing troll I’ve seen here to date.

                • “Lament of the Phoenix”
                  by Jamal D. Freeman

                  Set me free
                  my brothers

                  Come and see
                  my brothers

                  Let us be
                  my brothers

                  Fly away
                  Fly away
                  Fly away free

                  -Jamal D. Freeman, Howard University (’10); African American studies

                • I hope this has helped you, DF.

                  -Jamal D. Freeman, Howard University (’10); African American studies

            • I agree with DF. There’s a reason why the cream-of-the-crop amongst TLW (The Larger Woman) abstains from dating black men, and this is why. Ugh.

              I would advise “Jamal Freeman” to take an actual lesson in social justice, as well as reiterate DF’s advice to take a writing course. Your poems suck, man.


  3. LoL Really lol man!
    Youre one big KILLER!!!
    You’re GOD!!
    My God! I am so weak!! I need more strength – the strength that you have to do what you did!If that were me, I would have been crushed to pieces know, .

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