10 Reasons Why YOU Should Fuck Fat Women


You could sneak up right behind her #BBWdistracted

#1. Big Women Deserve Big Love.

Because of size-discrimination and racist/sizist manosphere bloggers like Heartiste, BBWs have a very hard time finding real men that have the proper credentials to handle their larger equipment in the bedroom. BBWs are an acquired taste. They need men with patience and experience in the unique art of super-sized-seduction. So If you have a big cock (black guys) and have the desire to hit it, it’s your duty. Save the whales motherfucker!

#2. They Are More Desperate for Sex: Get Your Notch Count Up Brothers.

So you walk into a bar and call it a night because you can’t find a girl under 170 pounds? You’re a bitch. You’ve failed at being a man. If anything, you have the advantage because BBWs are insecure about their body image. Make them feel good by doing the right thing. Fuck them up: they need they’re pussies wrecked. You get bonus points from her for finding her pussy. It’s never been easier to get your notch count in the 3 digits.

#3. You Live in the United States.

If this country gets any fatter it’s going to sink into the ocean, so it’s time to learn to swim. In other words, that means goin’ with the flow and fucking fat women. If this continent actually does sink, your BBW fling can double as a flotation device — provided she doesn’t somehow weigh more than the water she displaces.

#4. BBWs Are More Submissive.

See reasons #1 and #2: the dating market is an economic market, and fat women are in great supply. They need you more than you need them.

fat slave

Food Torture

I love making fat white bitches my sex slaves, it’s the ultimate revenge for slavery. Send them to my pigpen. Amen.

Picking up BBWs is liking getting Burger King: have it your way.

#5. They Give Better Head.

Because they’re hungry. She probably uses a corndog as a dildo, imagine what she’ll do to your dick after you put some mustard on it. Ask her if she likes Hershey kisses and you got easy rimjobs.

#6. Bigger Ass and Titties.

You like a big ass? You like big titties? I can hear you say hell yeah! Amen.

She’s got thick slabs of flesh that need a good flossing. Gotta clean ’em out.

#7. They All Love Video Games.


Come on bitch, put down that controller. We’re going to play a Big Game now. It’s Massive-Multiplayer: you, me, and that fat white ass.

Now what man on earth doesn’t want a girl that likes to play video games? Come on man, you know regular dates are bullshit. You’d rather just play video games and fuck than take her to the movies to see some hollywood remake. Wouldn’t we all? Well guess what, that’s exactly what she wants too! That and lots of food. But hey, you like 7-11 nachos too, right? Sounds like a win-win-win (triple win) situation right there. Play video games, eat, and fuck!

Now quit being a bitch when you can have it your way. Time to hit up the big pussy. A new notch is better than a new Xbox live achievement. Trust me on this.

And again, big bitches love video games. They gotta do something after fucking and eating, shit.

#8. Using Food Instead Of Money = Legal Prostitution.


                                                  Here’s a Guide

Why pay for sex when you can make a nice meal? It’s cheaper and less humiliating than handing her dollar bills. She’s hungry, and if you can feed her, she’s going to spread ’em. Sometimes you have to force the food in her mouth, but as long as it gets in there you’ve won half the battle to the pussy.

#9. You Get Discounts on Electric Wheelchairs and Motorized Scooters.

Anywhere you go where they sell wheelchairs and motorized scooters, you get a discount. I buy them all the time, though I don’t need them for myself. Rather, I buy them for my game, it’s just part of my logistical tool set. I have a collection of wheelchairs I bought cheap. As I always say, “always have a spare wheelchair, just in case the first one breaks.”

Also you get free handicapped parking too. As long as you are escorting (or corralling) hoards of fat mammoth hoes, you don’t need a legitimate handicapped sign in your windshield. Fuck the system.

#10. It Will Improve Your Cooking.

In Big Game, you gotta feed your bitches. And you have to get better at it each time if you want to progress and get easier big bangs.

Recently I made cannolis for a special BBW… With cum filling.

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25 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why YOU Should Fuck Fat Women

  1. I love making fat white bitches my sex slaves, it’s the ultimate revenge for slavery. Send them to my pigpen. Amen.

    Jesus , can I tell you? I was 14, doing some summer work at my dad’s hotel when when I trained my first fat bitch. Never looked back since then. Incidentally, I use the Feed ’em and Beat /em training strategy. What strategies do use Nigel?

    • Feed ’em and Beat ’em sounds right, they love it. I play up the gentleman angle first and cook up a nice, 10 course gourmet meal for my bitches. Things start off soft. I put on some R Kelly and pull out a special wheel chair so I can roll my BBW to the table for the feast. After she gets full, I pull out a funnel so she can finish her meal. They’re black children starving in Africa, so I make sure my BBW finishes her food!

      Then things get rough. I force the food in, beat her ass with my dick. Shove it in her mouth with more food… you name it! I floss them slabs good.

      They always come back too, they love their seconds.

  2. Well, well, well, another disgusting installment of Nigel’s little self gratification blog and it’s perticularly lacking in any form of humor or imagination BUT could we expect anything less from a misogynistic hood-rat like Nigel? LMAO.
    The reality of Nigel’s existence is the fact that he is little more than a cartoon parody of a real man. He’s never been laid in his short life and it will probably take an act of God to get him into a woman’s vagina. The stories he makes up around here are for his own wanking pleasure which is the only form of sex he gets. It’s a sad, sad display and what is even sadder is the fact that many of you are exactly the same. LOL.

  3. I wrote about why black guys like fat chicks. Hint: it’s because your mother is fat. But I hate fat chicks and can’t get my dick up with one unless I daydream. Fat women are parasites. Be wary. A woman who consumes too much food will likely consume more of you than she needs.

    • Oh look we have a new troll. Motherfucker I suggest you take your hate speech elsewhere. Haters gonna hate, and I usually let them hate, but you are straight up lying. How can you possibly speak about big ladies like that? BBWs receive enough hate as it is. What they need today is big love and big game. Put one in a BBW’s slab crease and tell yourself you were daydreaming when you pop a nut. PINCH YOURSELF. Unless you’re a faggot! Take your hate speech elsewhere.

  4. I respect your choice to fuck fat women, I just don’t understand. I would like to understand.

    I like skinny women, and think the fat ones are ugly. I do not care what others like.

    I feel like it is natural to like skinny women who look a certain way, when I see women I think are gorgeous on the street, I usually look around and other men are staring.

    With my male friends, when we discuss women, we usually agree who is hot, who is not, and by what degrees.

    Are you saying there are not such universal norms of beauty?

    I live in a guadalajara, mexico, where most of the women are skinny, work out, wear sexy clothes, makeup, the works, most of them are gorgeous in my opinion, they adhere to my standard of beauty, there are not many fatties, there are many more skinny gorgeous women than fat ones. Are you telling me you would be happier in fatso-ville, USA where the big women live? If so I have nothing wrong with it, I am just curious on your opinion.

    One last thing, I was with a fat girl, not so HUGE, but fat, and she sucked at sucking dick. I was with a skinnier girl who was much better. I’m not saying skinnier women are better, but the stereotype that fat women are good because they like to eat is so wrong, would you like a girl to munch down your dick? I think the skinny girl was better because she was prettier so she fucked more men, had more experience. I think the fat girl was a virgin.

    • awww come on man ur you just havnt lived yet!!!! lemme tell ya as one guy to a young pup liek you, there isnt nothing like a being with a hunny so big n beatiful that u cant even find her holes but u dont mind cause like every slab is its own greasy wet heaven! fuck yeahhhh boy!! 🙂

      peace n love my brotherr!!!!!

            • That’s entirely up to you. Standards of beauty are not completely universal. Tastes in women vary from person to person. Unfortunately the owner of this blog is not trying to get that point across. This blog is all about degrading heavy women for the owner’s enjoyment.

  5. I love your ideas and i am white though so i plan to use your ideas and drug and inslave women to ..
    Whats the difference between you n me . Only difference i want to start with fat ugly black bitches and work my way down to the skinny nasty crusty vag with out lotion coked up average black .

    Hors like your sister or cousins even your mom see how they feel with lsd and coke in the brain while me n my hick buddy’s run a train all the way down to candy land nice talk good buddy.

  6. Every big girl I’ve known has been a total bitch to guys that offer to fuck. They end up getting slapped and walking over to me (I’m fit) to try. And they end up getting slapped again.😂 haha my big bitches and little me aren’t hard to get. We impossible. Three different guys had tried to fuck my 280 lb friend. Turns out they all had little dicks.

  7. Men love fat pussies… See any size woman can possess fat pussy though; skinny girls and thick girls. But with fat girls the chances of that pussy being fat and gushy is 98.374895%. It’s nothing like seeing your d!ck getting lost inside of the woman your fucking. I let a big girl get on top and grind on my d!ck til I’m hitting every nook and cranny in that pussy. You gotta let her get on top and juice you.

  8. Luv. The. Way. They. Suck. Dick. As n. Fuck. It. The. Shit. An. My. Dick. Luv. It. I. Have. 12 inch. Of. Dick. To. Put. In. A. Woman. I. Think. She. Will. Luv. It

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