No Woman Is Too Big For Love

Is that cleave up there her pussy ?

You known you’ve gotten real deep into the game when you start to realize that it isn’t about what you say or do anymore, but rather it’s about you and her, together. When it comes to love, larger women are no exception. THEY DESERVE IT TOO. Being a big game player requires having a big heart; and the BBWs that cross my path know my BBH (Big Black Heart) is at least as big as my BBC. As a man, you are more than just the size of your cock. Having a big heart opens you up to her feelings and emotions (and her pussy) in a way that borders telepathy, that way you can know exactly what she’s feeling beneath her slabs, and whether or not she’s really hungry.

One reason having a big heart is important is because it allows you to establish a channel of emotional empathy with your BBW in a way that leads to more sex. Let me explain this: as you know, you can’t just assume a BBW is hungry automatically, that is offensive! Even if she’s actually hungry, the timing has to be just right or else you are crossing the line in a way that’s politically incorrect. I use food all the time in my game to get BBWs in bed; but I do it the right way, using my heart as my guide, that way she knows I’m being real with her. As us black folks often say, “real knows real.”

When you open up your heart and show a big girl love, it’s amazing how quickly things can happen. Often I’m reminded of this when I swing by McDonald’s for a late night snack, cause I always end up coming back home for a feeding frenzy with a random BBW. It isn’t anything like “swag” or what I say that gets her to come home with me, no, it’s my smile, it’s my for-real aura, and maybe my chef hat too. By the time I wheelchair her over to my big white van it’s time to turn off game and let it all happen naturally, like nature intended with the birds and the bees, and the elephants 😉

Sometimes things happen so quickly that I’m forced to scout for a location on site.

Bitches love getting caught in one of these.

Bitches love getting caught behind Officer Big Mac’s bars. Adds a nice S&M touch 😉

That’s when things get super freaky real quick. One time I shoved a whole happy meal up a BBW’s ass and nothing came out except the toy — damn, I knew she was hungry. All I had to do was open up and show her that I’m real with myself, and my intuition led me to do the right things, making her feel okay with all of it at the same time. That’s when BBWs show you their nasty side. That’s when you can gag a bitch with french fries and drench her with your special sauce (I use Nigel’s house mayo). I always like to spread it around her slabs with a basting brush after I’m finished, otherwise if it stays on her face she might drown, and that wouldn’t be cool. Plus she can spend the rest of the week trying to scrub it out of her slabs, thinking about the fun time she had at McDonald’s with Chef Nigel. Bitches like being used up by a man like that, by a man that they think loves them.

A few busted nuts later it’s time to call it a night and spend some quality time together. That’s when I like to dim the lights, turn up the gas on my fireplace, and lay back on my couch as I relax and sing hymns to the lord. Usually by this time my BBW is too tired from all the intense pounding, so I roll her up in a tarp and shove more french fries in her mouth to calm her down. A little tough love goes a long way too. Delivering discipline to your BBW takes heart to prevent you from going over board, and trust me, I’ve gone way over board. Nowadays, If she farts too much and stinks up my living room, I’ll fart on her face.

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46 thoughts on “No Woman Is Too Big For Love

      • Who the fuck do you think you are? Accusing us of rape? Are you fucking stupid? It is physically impossible to raep a fatty. If a fatty gets fucked up her as in my white van and no one hears, does it make a sound? I think not. You don’t know how grateful guys like us are to Nigel. I used to only be able catch fatties up to Cane-level. Wheelchair-level was out of my league. Now I can catch any damn fatty. When I force fee d these fatties Sprite they come 7Up, that s how nice I am. Are you that nice? I don’t think so.

  1. You sick MOTHERFUCKER! How can you treat women like that? Don’t you know that we were all created equal by the Anunnaki? Nigel, I’m reporting your blog to wordpress, the FBI, the department of homegrown security, and the NSA! I hope you burn in hell you piece of shit.

  2. Great write up bro. I love the late night McD’s pick-up that you seem to have perfected so well. Speaking of fast food, is that Jared in the lead photo. Damn, that dude’s got some mad big game. Nigel, I know you’re an expert chef, but that dude’s got legions of sandwich artists throughout the country ready to do his bidding. Hell, he’s even got the strategically located near a Starbucks in about 85% of the cases. I guess what I am asking is whether or not Jared is worthy of love or hate in the BIG game?

  3. This installment really is a no brainer so it’s right up your hood-rat ally, Nigel. No woman IS too big for love; it’s just that no woman deserves YOUR kind of misogynistic love. Big women are beautiful and they don’t need hood-rat pigs like you fucking with their heads and poisoning their wombs with your genetically deficient sperm. I love the large ladies of all shapes and sizes but once a hood-rat gets a hold of them, they are ruined, especially since fat girls tend to so easily become pregnant with the hood-rats sub-human offspring. Remember hood-rats like Nigel are not human. They are a sub-human race of troglodyte whose only goals in life are to avoid steady employment, fuck anything with a vagina no matter how nasty it is, wear their boxer shorts outside their baggy clown pants and ultimately to subsist on the backs of hard working taxpayers. Fat chicks that hook up with the trog-hood-rat end up hapless victims of their own poor judgment and stupidity.

      • Only speaking the truth bro, get over it. Why is it when someone like me points out the obviously flaws in society; small minded, frightened little toads like you scream racism? I’ll bet you’re an Obama supporter. The first thing ALL his followers do is run for cover and play the race card when someone exposes their slobbish, uneducated, uncivilized and savage behavior. They just can’t stand to have their lifestyle exposed for the waste of time that it is. It’s obvious that they just can’t stand the truth of their wasted existence. Bottom line is that you are a hood-rat and just like all vermin you should be exterminated if you don’t change your hood-rat ways. But there is still hope for you Nigel. All you have to do is stop playing the fat white wimins. I don’t really care what you do with your humongous, fried chicken eaten, sistas. If they will have you, then that’s where you should be dipping your wick. Stop stretching out the fat white pussy with your big black dong and the sprog that you create and then don’t take responsibility for. After rock-heads like you are done fucking and impregnating these dumb fat white girls, the poor Caucasian or Latino or Asian chubby chaser comes a long and ends up with a girl whose pussy is so stretched out that it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

        • Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wipe my wife’s ass. My honey’s a bit ripe. She’s too big to do it herself, and I admit it kinda turns me on.

          • Handle jacking piece of shit imposter above tries to be clever and fails epically. Pay attention and learn something.

              • Hey, the clueless are legion. They think that they are clever with their cheap juvenile fat jokes but in reality they are anything but. Any rational individual will understand that the majority of large ladies are perfectly capable of taking care of their hygiene needs. For those who have grown so large and beautiful that they no longer can, there are plenty of hygiene aids on the market that can facilitate proper cleanliness. In certain circumstance the help of a loved one or concerned second party may be required but those instances are few and far between. A lot of people have the idea that fat people are dirty simply because they have been lead to believe that fat people are disgusting slobs. This is patently untrue as fat people are generally just as hygiene conscious as thin people and in fact many are even more so. No mentally stabile individual wants to smell or be hygienically offensive to others and fat people are no different. Most people’s perception of fat people, especially fat women, comes from a fear of what they have been conditioned to hate. Fear and hate are bred from ignorance and “ignorant” is exactly the proper term for all the little fat haters out there.

                • I know!! Thank u so much for pointing this out, their is soooo much misunderstanding aobut what its like to be a larger lady in modern society. like…im not super big (220, 5’1″) but i am down from 265 as a younger woman. i had a little bit of trouble on the toilet, it was hard to reach down and wipe without missing a lot…lt was a super embarassing time…i would think i did a complete job and then my husband would smell something later :/

                  but he was super understanding at the same time, and bought me this biday-like attachment so my toilet would shoot water like the ones in france and stuff. hes super thoughtful! And it sounds like u are too 🙂

                  thank you for always being there for us larger ladies, df….it honestly means a lot.

  4. I’ve heard this theory that if we all stopped banging the fatties, they would be forced to stop eating and lose weight. I know this is politically incorrect in a major way, as fatties will roll onto you and squash you dead if you dare to say that fatness is linked to eating too much, but I live in a fatty free zone, so no worries mate !

      • Wrong again Nigel. Fat white girls would much rather get with a nice employed white guy than with a brotha any day. Unfortunately white males have been brainwashed that thin is in and are too weak minded to resist the money hungry media barrage that dictates today’s standard of beauty. The fact of the matter is, given a choice no fat white girl with half a brain wants black dick over white dick. Unfortunately on average 80% of fat white chicks will have to settle for a brotha because they have no alternative other than being alone. It also appears that the larger and fatter the girl the more apt she is to be saddled with a black boyfriend. Black men know this and they don’t care because to them even the biggest, fattest, homeliest, sloppiest, most pimply and toothless white woman is a step up from their own kind. You gotta wonder what kind of lowbrow mindset that is to be so socially desperate that fucking a white mud hog is preferable to making love with a fine curvy black woman. LMAO. Even for me, a lover of large women; I look at some of these black guy/white woman pairings and shiver as I think about the poor black dude’s dick being abused by the pale, slovenly, ugly-ass, filthy, uneducated, landwhale he is hooked up with. It almost makes me want to power vomit.

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