Sharing is Caring

Look at those slab-titties. She could hide donuts in her chest, In fact she did. I swear.

Being a Christian brother, I’m all about giving and sharing; and let me tell you, big girls are easier and more fun to share. Their larger size makes them more suitable for gangbangs, with more surface-to-area and endless depths of an endless number folds waiting to be discovered. And because they have a lower self-esteem, their need for validation will bring them right back to you like a boomerang anyway, that’s why we call these BBW honeys “boomerang bitches”; so with big girls there’s room for everything except jealousy, and It warms my heart to share with other men. It’s better than trading baseball cards. This is why I always say Fat Acceptance is about bringing men together.

Here’s an example: the girl above, I picked her up at the waffle house. She was scarfing down this huge double stack of pancakes when I approached her with some maple syrup. I accidentally spill it on her cleavage and was like, “aww I’m sorry, my bad baby, let’s fix that.” We rushed into the rest room with that stack of pancakes, and I let her try it out with some chocolate syrup ;). Anyway, the waffle house manager came in while we were finishing up. He was looking pissed until I invited him to join in. To my surprise, it turned into a threesome, and as a result our meals were on the house. Wow, karma does exist. When you give, God gives back in mysterious ways.

Sometimes I like to throw surprise parties at my place with my homies. They come over thinking it’s just another night of cards and beer, until after a few drinks I bring the fattie in. Usually the party doesn’t start until I roll her up in a golden wheelchair, that way she can feel special too — I love making BBWs feel like queens. Then we get to business! Give her a bib to wear, maybe some goggles for eye protection, shit. Usually they like it in the eye, cause I tell every BBW it’s good for her vision. Keeps the sandman at bay. Fat girls have fat faces so usually it’s hard to miss, but just in case we have a tarp underneath. That way all the missed loads can be collected and funneled over some doughnuts or pancakes for her to finish off. Hey, they’re starving kids in Africa, and if she doesn’t get that we’ll point and yell at her “Finish your jizz!” We like to use a snow shovel to spoon feed her those soggy doughnuts/pancakes. Hey, we ain’t gonna touch that shit with a fork, hellll no.

After I break in every new BBW my kitchen is usually a mess, that’s why I got my post gangbang cleanup crew: Jose, Hector, Juan and Julio. They mop up free of charge because they know they get to cuddle with the sloppy seconds after they are done making my kitchen sparkle. I get my kitchen cleaned and they get some fat white pussy, it’s a win/win for everyone; even Mr. Clean approves. That’s how I got my deck built too. They know to keep this on the down low, or else all their buddies back home will be crossing the border like crazy.

And like I was saying, these girls are like boomerangs; you can spread ’em around and they come right back. They got more to give, literally. God bless those that share.

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20 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. Can you write up one on how to deal with other hustlers hoggin up all the hefty hoes? How do you pull a big bangin babe when she’s already bought some other buster’s BS bro?

        • So now “hood rats” are a race???? You’re a bigger dunce than I first thought, LMAO.
          Actually Nigel if you must know; “hood rats” don’t qualify as a race because they are a subhuman form of life created by a culture of willful ignorance and violence. Furthermore, the typical “hood rat” should have no business coming in contact with human females. Having sexual relations with a “hood rat” is akin to bestiality and should be considered deviant and moral crime against humanity.

          But don’t worry I don’t hold your subhuman status against you. I wouldn’t expect your kind to understand the concept of morality. In the tiny minds of creatures like you, any form of criticism MUST certainly be based in racism. You’re too stupid to know any better because you’ve been conditioned to react to social and intellectual criticism in only one way. Your limited cognitive abilities only allow for you to blurt out knee jerk reactive nonsense in defense of your moral corruption. Unfortunately it’s the price your kind has paid for living off the government dole for generations.

          • What ever man, I think the Klan called, they want their dumbass back. You’re a fucking racist! I knew it! You don’t like seeing a black man successful with women, especially white women. Ahah, there’s millions just like you here in the south, where you belong.

            • I have no problem seeing a black dude with a white chick IF he has an education, a legitimate job and keep his boxers tucked in his pants. “Hood rats” need not apply. You are obviously a subhuman “hood rat” so STFU and stay the fuck away from the white women.

            • BTW, same goes for White, Asain or Hispanic guys who think it’s cool to look and act like a subhuman “hood rat”. Filth is filth no matter what skin color it has.

                • Ah yes, another idiot who doesn’t know what racism is. You’ve obviously been conditioned by your masters quite well. You and the rest of the sheep can go fuck yourselves. LMAO.

                    • And does that make you racist? No it does not. Not only do these idiots treat women badly they are too stupid to understand the basic meaning of racism. They’ve swallowed the liberal dogma hook line and sinker. They’re so dumb that they have confused behavior with skin color and ethincity. Hope for the future is something I don’t have a lot of for idiots like the owner of this blog.

                    • Yeah, and they’re always broke and dumb as fucking bricks, even if their dicks are huge.

                      I’m entitled to better. I deserve better. I receive better.


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  3. I’m glad you’re contributing a moral boost to Mexican migrant worker. Mexican do need their occasional gang bang party so they can keep on working hard for below minimum wage. You sir, are a true saint.

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