Baby, ain’t No Shame in having a Big Frame

My new ride: Drive-thru/Drive-by gangbang mobile. Comes with  a 26″ happy meal 😉

Fat Acceptance is all about making a big woman feel comfortable in her own body, and making her feel special too. If you think otherwise you aren’t going to get very far in this big game business. Building comfort is one of the main pillars of big game hustling, and it isn’t over after sex either. Extra large girls need extra large comfort, because their self-esteem is a fragile joke to say the least — why else would a “Fat Acceptance” movement even exist?

I see it all the time when I hit up the malls just to creep around the food court: big bitches sitting real low, trying to hide their mountainous flesh under a table while they eat. Usually I spot her from a distance: her face sticking up from a table like a wackamole popping out for some crack. Once I get close enough, I’m usually pleasantly surprised and amazed at her ability to hide all her shit under the table. It’s always some kind of Houdini shit. Then I get that feeling… It’s the same feeling you got as a kid when you opened a happy meal and got two toys instead of one, or extra fries. And truth is, she feels exactly that way too when I roll up and my eyes pop out to zoom in on that ass. I got a real happy meal for her though.

Usually I bring my aura of comfort with me by visualizing myself as her favorite comfort food when I approach, and sometimes I also eat next to her for a little while. I take it real slow, whereas other amateur chubsters fuck up by opening their mouth right away, asking her about her size or saying shit like “you hungry?” They end up reminding her that she’s a fattie by insinuating it. Never make her feel fat! Instead you gotta wait a bit, be patient. I like to wait until she farts, then I take the blame for her and act like it was my fault; I apologize and try to fan it away from her so she can continue eating in peace. That’s how a real man shows a big woman he’s a true gentleman.

Big bitches have bigger intestines so they have more gas build up; a lot of that gas gets released during and after sex, and boy do they get self conscious about it and flip out. Again, I turn this around by starting a farting contest in bed. See, i’m keeping it real positive, making it into fun game. And I’ve got to admit that farting is a huge turn on. When she farts during sex, man, I lose myself in the moment, in the passion… especially when it’s louder than her moans. If she can toot long enough, I go balls deep in that ass and create a new instrument: an anal jizz fart.

When you are fucking a big bitch, her wet sweaty flabs will flap together and make tons of fart noises anyway — it’s like a symphony of farts — so she’ll feel self-conscious no matter what. You’ve got to be ready to flip it around, turn it into something positive and fun. Another example: sometimes when she farts, I’ll try to guess what she ate from the smell. You can’t go wrong there, because no matter what you guess her last meal was, you’ll be right, cause she ate everything. Then it’s her turn to guess when I pop my dick in her mouth and she can figure out what I ate (usually they guess McRib sandwich).

But it isn’t just farts, this applies to any area that a big woman might be self conscious about. Farting was just an easy example. Look at it this way: you have to visualize each BBW (big beautiful woman) as a damsel in distress, trapped in her own flesh, and then bring her out — rescue her and make it fun. It’s all bullshit, cause you know I want them to stay fat as fuck, but hey you gotta play the game. Hat tip to the motherfuckers that get it now.

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96 thoughts on “Baby, ain’t No Shame in having a Big Frame

  1. Idiot, fat chicks do NOT have “BIGGER intestines”. Their internal organs are pretty much the same size as thin girls. Jesus H. Christ, you’re dumb.

  2. This is disgusting. What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you know anything about the fat activist moment at all, or does your interest in the larger women extend only to fulfilling your twisted rape fantasies? I was always a bigger girl. It was tough on me in high school, but one day it occurred to me; I wasn’t going to let men and the media decide MY standard of beauty. Guess what? I’m sorry I’m not some 170lb twig, but I’M still beautiful in THIS body, because I know I am. I don’t need it to turn into some joke or fetish fodder by some perverted, chubby-chasing pervert.

    Big girls don’t fart all the time. Where the fuck do you get this? We have the same sized intestines (you go, DF!!!) as any other girl. You don’t care about the bigger woman, all you care about is having a thick pussy in your bedroom to satisfy your sick, delusional cravings.

    Get help. I know I’m hot. I know I’m sexy. I know I’m beautiful. I don’t need to be objectified by some loser pervert in order to know it. I spent seven years on my masters at Bryn Mawr studying the science of fat acceptance, and I can tell you, this isn’t it.

    • I know I’m hot. I know I’m sexy. I know I’m beautiful.

      Then why are you here? Shouldn’t you be using your ‘sex appeal’ and the experience that you gained studying ‘the science of fat acceptance’ (MSc takes one year, not seven), instead of trolling real men, who love real women? Or maybe you see something here that you like……

      I am always amused by trolls like you, who think that just because you are more experienced in the fight for Fat Acceptance, that you should look down on newcomers like us. No wonder the Fat Acceptance movement is at a standstill – what , with snobs like you with your ‘degrees’ and whatnot.

      Get lost, you Internet Gangster. Nigel, keep up the good work.

      • I will not “get lost.” If every time some ignoramus

        First of all, in the U.S. a masters typically takes *two* years, not one. And it only has taken me seven years because of a) the tons of data I’ve had to sift through for my thesis and (b) my type 2 diabetes treatments. I have legitimate medical problems that have prevented me from finishing my degree in a timely manner, you asshole. .

        I’m not looking down on you. I feel sorry for you. Maybe if you read a book on Fat Studies (which has become a REAL part of some sociology curriculums) or enrolled in a women’s studies class, you might have some hope of landing a *real* woman. Large, proud, real women like me are out there. And we’re growing in numbers. But until you learn to accept (and EMBRACE) us, we’ll always be at arms length.

        So in the meantime, you can look, but don’t you dare touch. Women like us know we’re sexy, we can be patient while we wait for boys like you to turn into men. Until then, we’re not interested.


        • Preach it Nigel! Desiree just needs a taste of your chocolate sausage. Hope it isn’t too sweet, though. She may want to monitor her blood sugar during your bedroom fart symphony!

        • Oh don’ worry baby, I can definitely embrace you. I think you need to understand the work that Nigel has put into this blog, especially the help that it has been to guys like me.

          See, I used to be to shy to approach Fatties.I was very insecure, and did not believe that I would have what it would take to pleasure a Fatty, love a Fatty, please a Fatty, and most importantly, feed a Fatty. But now that I have followed the instructions on this blog, I have to be prying them ff of me with Nutri-bars. I am now so good at feeding a Fatty, that I could make you cum with just a KFC three piece meal. Guaranteed. And don’t me start with Popeye’s. Last Saturday on a date I made a 400 pound Niggabitch wet her seat after just three drumsticks. Man you should have been there,it was a fountain of cum and fart that was just five minutes of ecstasy for her.

          That was just the start. Bitch was bawling ‘Oh God, Oh Gawwwddd’ while I was buttfucking her in the restroom. I had to slap that bitch and let her know ‘Bitch, don’t call his name when I’m fucking you! You bawl Satan bitch!’

          Come to think of it, I know why you’re here. You want a real man like me. A man that will hogtie you and pound you like the snobbish little piggy you are. Isn’t that right? Don’t worrry, you can contact me anytime, just give me you’re e-mail when you’re ready. Oh, and you won’t be doing any sprinting for a while when I’m done with you.

          • I know you’d love it. Oh, um, but I have Mr. Liebowitz.

            Ever met him, darling? Next to him, you’re nothing.

            Nice try.


            • I dream of doing wat is written as my name here (fat granny ass lover) but i totally agree with you,

              People who say they are doing this or that to show love or care to such big ladies are hiding behind a cover to justify and legitimize their own perverrted behaviour,u will see they dont love large bellied women with no ass, all they need is big round wide butts and thats it, if they really love fat women, why not love all of them with flat butts and boobs

              plus if they love or care,they should pay their bills,pay her medical and other things which she needs (home,family etc…..) but they just dump them by fucking for a night from behind,not even bothering look her face for few $$ or chasing them in wal mart or humping them in BBW Night Clubs

              they take undue and unnecessary advantage of fat ladies and exploit them since they (big women) are unfortunately not treated equally

              So its all a perverted,twisted thinking (as u mentioned) and filthy acts person do of to fulfill their lust, and not love since love is expensive and mostly cheaspster do these kinda acts of vulgarity

              Love u Ms Meyers and hope u get a good loving husband and nice family

          • Hahahahaha! Satan force is a satirical genius at a similar level as Nigel. But misunderstood geniuses is what you are. These bitches may not get you, but I do brah!

      • Fuck you. Different people have different body types. I’m 5’3″ but I have a broad frame; while other girls my height might look perfectly fine at 170, on me it would look downright gaunt. I’m SORRY I’m not some waif that looks perfectly healthy at 170lbs.

        This brings me to another point. My thesis (which I may post a link to, against better judgement) illustrates the narrow-mindedness of modern medicine and how it further persecutes the larger woman. I CANNOT stand this stereotype that just because someone has a little extra meat on their bones means that they are unhealthy. Sure, being 283 makes me something of a “larger woman,” but does that fact alone make me unhealthy? Fuck no. I happen to be in peak physical condition. Unfortunately, I cannot run very far due to a problems with breathing, but in the short distances that I can sprint, I’ve been told that my form is excellent (rivaling people who have run their entire lives).

        My thesis finishes with a stirring note of encouragement – a revolutionary one, perhaps – that urges us all to not only embrace the large woman, but perhaps change our view of physical ideals altogether. I put forth the notion that the larger woman IS how a woman should be, and that these scrawny twigs that men find “sexy.” I’m going to ask you to broaden your minds, put down your Heineken, and maybe – just maybe – consider the notion that women are *supposed* to be fat.

        Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


        • Breathing problems? It’s all about the nose. You need your mouth for other things. Read Nigel’s piece on keeping your woman fed. It’s diabetes friendly too.

        • Desiree,

          I completely agree with you. My wife is about your height with wide shoulders and broad hips. She had always been a large girl even as a young child. Growing up she was always told by people that she was too fat and would never find a boyfriend or a husband. Although she is damn beautiful and never wanted for male companionship she decided to cave into the pressures to be thin. At one point in her life she lost over 140 pounds and got down to the thinnest she’d ever been in her adult life which was 165 lbs. Truthfully and I can say this because I’m her husband; she looked awful. To me and those who knew her before the weight loss she resembled a gaunt lolly-pop. Her head looked too large for her body; her hip bones protruded from her skin like a holocaust victim and her shoulder blades looked like they would burst from her back like a pair of wings. It wasn’t a pretty sight and was a complete turn-off for me to say the least. Aside from the physical her life was completely screwed up as well. All she did was work, diet and go to the gym for 6 out of 7 days a week. Her life was basically on hold because all she did was obsess about her size. To top it all she was also uncomfortable with her body at that weight physically as well as emotionally and was usually sick with colds, flu, sinus issues and infections of all kinds. By losing all that weight she had forced her body into becoming something it wasn’t supposed to be. The drastic weight loss and the very low calorie diet she had been on basically ran her immune system into the ground. Thankfully after being totally frustrated with being sick all the time she was able to see that what she was doing to herself was killing her. She eventually started eating normally again and exercising at a more realistic pace and frequency. As soon as she made those changes her weight began to increase she filled out and all her ailments dissipated. It is now 10 years and over 100 lbs. later and she is healthier now than she has ever been in her life. We go hiking regularly, ride bikes and do a long walk every night after dinner. People half her size can’t believe how much energy and stamina she has and most can’t even begin to keep up with her.
          Despite what our so-called medical experts are telling us her story is not uncommon. It is a medical fact that obese people who are active and exercise regularly are just as metabolically healthy as thin people and in some ways more so. Studies also show that overweight heart attack victims have better survival rates when compared to their thin counterparts. Studies also show that this is also true for some forms of cancer as well. In many cases the big bugaboo known as “the obesity epidemic” isn’t exactly the monster that we are led to believe. In many ways it is all fear mongering disguised as warnings and “awareness”. The problem is you are never going to hear all the facts because a lot of people, organizations and corporations stand to make a lot of money from this so-called epidemic. Furthermore weak minded people, too lazy to actually research the facts, will beat the drum like zombies in favor of demonizing the obese just so they can feel superior.

          • DF,

            Thank you!!!! You seem to really “get it,” and if I may say so your wife is a very lucky lady to have someone as supportive, understanding, and unconditionally loving as yourself. xoxo

            • No, thank you Desiree. Keeping hammering this Nigel character and his juvenile delinquent supporters. Since their parents appear to be absentee they need a constant reminder of what twisted, little, dirt bags they really are.

              BTW, good luck with that thesis, keep fighting the good fight and spread the truth.

            • yaaaaaaa comeon boy! bigger the girl more to share!!!

              u know that feeling when a girl is big enuff you cant even find her pussy but its okay because EVERY SINGLE SINGLE FLAP is liek its own vagin?

              heaven…jusjt heaven. BLESS YOU

            • Exactly why would I do that? Tell me why would I subject my wife to your kind of vile misogyny? I’d love to hear the rationale, lol.

              • Hi Mr DF

                I know i am very twisted in my thinking and objectifying fat ass ladies,but from my inside,i support you and Ms Desire, we have to show them love,not lust

                but i want to have a big wife with wide round hips since i have been dreaming about it for many years now,it will be difficult to spend time with thin skiiny toothpick wife and thinking and looking fat ladies,that would just be not suitable,i cannt let go this love and attachemnt to such big women, I wish i get a women of my like and choice

                • There is nothing that says you can’t have a wife with big hips and a fat butt so go out and get yourself one. There are plenty to go around and even if the one you end up with at first is a little small for your tastes, her size can be easily rectified with a few cheeses burgers and ice cream. One thing Nigel has gotten right is that fat girls do like to eat and there is nothing wrong with feeding them. For fat people, food stimulates the pleasure center of the brain more readily and more intensely than for thin people. So finding a fat girl and keeping her happy shouldn’t be a problem for any man who understands how to treat such a woman.
                  Now as for your assertion that FAs don’t like women with big bellies and flat butts, I beg to differ. There are a lot of FA guys that are very much into the big bellied women. Maybe there are fewer of them but men have specific body preferences for all manner of size and shape women. Just look at internet models like Donna Simpson, SSBBW Sunny, Dankii Bombshell, or Susanne Eman (all big bellied/flat assed women) and you will see that they have a very large following of men who find them incredibly attractive. It takes all kinds to make up this crazy world and no one has the corner on human attractiveness. Everyone has their own idea of what floats their boat and luckily for us, the world is just full of endless variety.

      • “I pick thing up and put them down” Go do a few more reps muscle-head and if your good, I’ll see to it that you get a nice oral protein injection.

          • Wow the prissy little barbarian fagot is in in the habit of violating “Terms of Service”. I’d strongly suggest the above post be deleted or I think Nigel’s blog will have to be shut down.

            • So DF is “Roni” today? Dude has more sockpuppets than Sesame Street. I thought fat people understood the concept of “brand loyalty.” Can’t just roll through the Burger King drive-thru on your mobility scooter and try to buy a Big Mac – people get confused.

                • No Nigel/Bronan, there is no fire here to be played with. it is a Courtesy that email addresses and IP address do not get published on blogs and all stand-up blog owners abide by that small measure of etiquette. Unfortunately you obviously are not one of those stand-up types. On the other hand, email addresses used for commenting on blogs are generally throw aways and IP addresses can be easily changed. Little shits like you are simply flies on the big internet turd and that’s about all you will ever be. You blog is disgusting and it shows your complete lack of character and human decency, It is a reflection on who you are and unfortunately for you there are people like me who are more than willing to expose your ignorance and immaturity. Hopefully you are not a grown man doing this kind of shit because the level of just how pathetic you are would be too hilarious to even contemplate.

              • Excuse you? Too bad you have proven yourself to be a piece weasel shit with your huge breach of blog etiquette. Obviously any form of credibility ain’t your thang.
                Hey, since you mentioned socks, we all know Nigel is one yours, so nice PKB.
                So what’s the deal with you, when someone challenges your juvenile little blog and insults your tiny minded ravings; you run to momma by violating the small bit of privacy protection provided by Word Press? Nice going; shit for brains. I’m sure if people reading your blog didn’t already look at you like the pathetic, sniveling little shit that you are, they do now. LMAO

                BTW, what do you care how many names I use? My message has been the same throughout, you pud-whacking little shit. If you can’t take the heat little man; then…… know the rest.

  3. “I spent seven years on my masters at Bryn Mawr studying the science of fat acceptance, and I can tell you, this isn’t it.”

    trolling??? She can’t be serious

    • Why would you think I’m not serious? I’m finishing up my thesis “The hefty struggles of the hefty woman: an exploration in socio-sexual dynamics within a misogynist model.”

        • Yep. You’re right. I’m a troll. Because it’s impossible to imagine that a larger woman might undergo such a struggle with narrow-minded public perception that she takes her outrage to the next level? I enrolled at Bryn Mawr because of it’s longstanding devotion to women’s education, and graduated in ’10 with my women’s studies degree in only six years at age 25. I really felt on top of things. I was young. I was smart. I was a woman.

          And I was large.

          I got my first real taste of prejudice when I attempted to enter the workforce, degree in hand. I couldn’t get a job anywhere – every single interview I attended made up some bullshit reason to reject me. It became increasingly obvious – some employers actually snickered under their breath as I entered; if they weren’t discriminating because of my gender, it was because of my weight. I remember one time, I was applying for a position I was PERFECT for – editor for a popular science magazine (name withheld). I laid out EVERYTHING on my resume and cover letter, and went soooo in detail about my plans for the magazine in my interview; my unique background would help them cater more towards women. I could help them pick and edit articles that would bring in a larger women audience (many of whom feel spurned by a predominately-male field).

          And yet, I didn’t get it. But guess who did?

          A man. A thin man. And on top of that, he had a math degree (WTF?? math isn’t even science).

          So I went back to school at my alma mater to study for a masters. My grades werent ideal (I’m a very intelligent woman, but I had health problems that detracted from my grades), so after a semeter on a probationary period – I was accepted as a masters student in their school of social work, focusing exclusively on feminist issues – PARTICULARLY the struggle of The Larger Woman (TLW).

          A year later, I ended up marrying an old highschool friend – Harold Leibowitz. A real man; someone who appreciated TLW and didn’t scorn her ( as men often do) for having an extensive sexual history. (another fucking thing that bugs me; it’s cool if a man has sex with a lot of women, but if a girl has sex with a lot of men? all of the sudden she’s a slut. I call bullshit).

          But yeah. I must be a troll. Fuck you.


          • BTW I started my masters in my second year as a joint program..but had to drop it since my grades went below 3.0…but when I re-enrolled in the masters those credits still counted

            just to clear up confusion. two years into my masters as exclusively a grad student…so seven years total.

  4. goddamn I love fucking big fat ass bitches.

    so hot. would savagely ravage a monstrous fat ass big fat pussy fat folds right now.

        • Sorry kids, I’m a dom. And married.

          I honestly never understood how any self-respecting feminist could honestly be a sub in any sort of S&M relationship…

          I give. Hubby takes.


          • I’m not surprised that you use your dominant weight in the relationship to dominate your husband.

            He is hen-pegged!

            I bet that secretly you wish for a large cock to fill up your backside more than you think you can take.

            • “Hen-pegged”????? Oh I think you mean hen-pecked, lol.

              BTW, what man in a relationship with a woman, fat or thin, isn’t hen-pecked in some way? We all know women in general love to try and tell their man who is boss. The challenge of the real man is learning to ignore her flapping jaws while allowing her to think that she is in control. It’s no secret that women are happiest when they think that they hold all the cards and men are happiest allowing them to think that they do.

              • It is a play on words DF.

                Desiree “pegs” her husband. That is to say – she wears a strap on (or is a tranny) and fucks her husband in the ass. That is what she means by “I give. Hubby takes.”

                You into that sutff then?

  5. I find it rather interesting that ‘Mrs.’ Meyers-Liebowitz is over here, trying her best to get the attention of men that she claims she hates. No matter, I will do to her what her man isn’t doing.right. And when I’m done, she won’t be able to shit right for a week.

    • What MY man isn’t doing with?

      I married a Lawyer out of college. Harold Liebowitz. He makes more money in a year than you’ve probably made your entire life. Both degrees from UPenn. He wears suits that cost more than your car. He was doing trigonometry before his bar mitzvah.

      He packs more man into his 5’7″ frame than your whole fucking extended family.

      You wanting to engage me in anal sex is sweet, it really is honey, but don’t make me laugh. After Harold? Nah. You’re nothing.



    • Oh, and please don’t think my distaste for you implies I dislike men.

      It’s little boys I can’t stand.



      P.S. A liking for larger women is one thing that you and my hubby share…but that’s it. I’m gonna go have sex with him now. Enjoy a night of jerking off. Please don’t think of me, k? It skeeves me out.

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  7. Nigel, every time I saw someone linking to you on the Manosphere I though you were really serious about FA. So glad i stopped by and actually read your stuff. I’ll be reading more today and will be linking to you in a post on my own blog later. Keep up the good work, bro!

    Dr. Illusion

      • You leaving us kisses baby? Damn that’s sexy!

        I’m a big ol’ fatass myself with 20 inch pipe. Only the large ladies can satisfy me.

        Let’s accept some fat sometime.

          • What you mean baby? Aren’t you trying to fight for fat acceptance?

            What about fat acceptance for men? Fat men are discriminated against too.

            Don’t tell me you’re part of the problem!

            • Nope, sorry sweetie. It doesn’t work like that in the real world of real women.

              It’s *natural* for men to be hard, lean, and athletic. Just the thought of a rippling six-pack makes my, er, nether regions turn tropical. But women? We’re supposed to be smooth, soft and curves.

              And I’ve had plenty of men (before hubby, of course) that appreciated me as the elegant creature that I am. Real men – hard, athletic, masculine men – crave the gentle curves of the larger woman. Not some fat, lazy, beer-swilling fuck.


            • Some do some don’t, that’s reality. Saying that ALL muscular men want “in shape hotties” is your opinion and nothing more.
              BTW, one man’s “hottie” is another man’s beast. Beauty is one of the truely subjective qualities in life and the sooner people like you learn that simple concept the happier we will all be.

  8. I love 170+ pound women!! 240 is limit though since Im a smaller guy. I’m 5’8 and 150 pounds (thin & in decent shape) so it’s always refreshing to find HUGE meat on bones like that 🙂 140 & anything under is skinny but 170 and up is FAT which is GREAT for BBW lovers like me and Nigel. Holla at cha boy Desiree!!

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  12. Lmfao the “science” of Fat Acceptance you got to be fucking joking… 7 years to study a pseudo science.. that’s ridiculous that you could take your silly ideology and go ahead and call it a science.

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