Haters Gonna Hate

One thing you’ll notice about my blog is that some of my more controversial posts get nasty comments from bitter, angry fatties unworthy of the BBW title. If there is one thing that distinguishes a fat hoe from a BBW, it’s her capacity to be comfortable in her own skin and big flabby-flabs — not unleashing a shit storm of pent up big fat player hate against me, the one man that’s showing the way to Fat Acceptance. I pray for each hater when she leaves hate on my blog, because God knows all haters go to hell.

fat woman that a hater

What my haters look like after they read one of my posts. “Hey bitch, there’s a twinkie behind you.”

My haters seem to gravitate toward my Sex Slave post and my About Me section. So let’s analyze some of these evil, hateful comments. It’s time for me to address them here and now:

Really? I cook all kinds of pizza and fried chicken and make ice cream, for all my bitches! I don’t hate them for their larger size, I love them for it! You call that misogyny??! Bitch, what are you smoking? Crack? No wonder you can’t find Mr. Right. Good luck anyway.

Next we got this mysterious fattie playing the hater role (again). She probably has a low self esteem and we all know what that means…

I’m just telling the truth. And you don’t even deserve a cream pie with that  horrible fattitude. You sound hungry though, and hunger is the leading cause of all fattitudes. Nigel’s fat camp is enrolling. We take in women that have self-esteem issues for sure 😉

Next up we got us a real big, thick, extra-fat Jabba the Slut that is really a secret admirer. She wants to subscribe to Nigel’s feeding and breeding program, but there’s some kind of cognitive dissonance that prevents her from admitting it. She is in the closet, waiting for some chocolate:

Come on… You know you want it. But since you can’t openly admit it, you spit hate on my Big Game Blog. I highlighted what you said about liking sex slavery, Freudian slip? The gates to Nigel’s pig pen are open, come on in and we’ll wrestle in the mud.

This fat little piggy has hate rolling off her sweaty flabs. I think all that hate violates the laws of Feng Shui or Chi or whatever. Confucius say “when fat bitch angry, she should turn the other chin”, but unfortunately she doesn’t listen to Confucius.

“Fat women lie about rape all the time” BINGO! Sometimes haters accidentally spill out some truth. God, if someone put me to the test, I wouldn’t be arrested, I’d get a trophy. A trophy for first place in fat acceptance and big game. What would you get a trophy for Rachel? Besides being a fat ass bitch? Champion summer sausage swallower?

And here’s a hater that’s full of shit:

Un huh… Really? You feel this way too?

But she is actually a hypocrite. In my Fat Rating System post she wants to know how she measures up, when she left this comment:

Hypocrite….You’re a groupie in denial.

That concludes this post. There are other haters for sure, and some manginas are haters that are angry because they get no vagina. Not all is lost with the female haters though, because each one is just one good dick away from healing. I know this for sure, because I have a degree in holistic healing, and let me tell you: sex is therapeutic. It is the way to healing for all angry fat feminist hate mongers. Fat Acceptance is about healing as much as it is about gettin’ bigger ass.

27 thoughts on “Haters Gonna Hate

  1. Haha, a great post, and one that certainly made me laugh out loud more than once; if these readers have such a problem with what you post why are they reading in the first place? I haven’t read anything here that makes you seem misogynistic – in fact, quite the opposite – as this blog is, after all, about the sincere admiration of large women. It seems some people have a hard time with the truth; indeed, it’s true, take a larger woman out for a nice dinner, make sure you don’t make her feel guilty about getting some dessert and she’ll fuck you better than most other nights. The only women I’ve ever heard discuss rape fantasies are fat ones; the skinny ones don’t want anything to do with it. People need to lighten up or crawl back into their bibles.

    • I’ll tell you why these big bitches are reading this shit, because it turns them on! But they aren’t ready for real Fat Acceptance. Their fat pussies are still hiding in the pantry of my fat acceptance kitchen. Once they smell my chocolate hush puppies they’ll come out and get their flabs waxed with secret sauce.

  2. Maybe I’m biased… Maybe it’s because I’m skinny… Maybe I’m really a douche…
    I’m a woman and I LOVE your blog, and if people are just going to hate on it, then it’s whatever. They obviously don’t possess enough emotional intelligence to just accept that they don’t agree with you and simply stop reading. Yet they persist, which just proves that the truth makes them feel uncomfortable… and that they lack a sincere sense of humor and/or compassion towards XXL Ladies.

    Point: Are they hating the blog? Or are they hating that you don’t beat around the bush (no pun intended) like the wimps they’re probably [not] dating?

    • You CLEARLY don’t care about your fellow womankind.

      Think about this drivel. Think about your life and what you want from it. Oh, and eat a cheeseburger.


            • How DARE you. I’m finishing my master’s thesis on the socio-sexual dynamics of the large woman; it’s people like you that enable this sexist, size-ist, male-centric worldview. *You’re* a critical thinker? Don’t make me laugh. I pulled a 3.05 GPA in women’s studies at one of the most competitive private colleges on the East Coast (a school KNOWN for their rigor in this field).

              I have some faults. I work too hard. I love too much. I sing a little too loudly. But guess what? Critical thinking ain’t one of ’em, skinny boy. The larger woman is loud and she is proud, and the world reacts how they *choose* to. Action, reaction. That’s PHYSICS. Do the math.

              Oh, but I forgot. The only math people do nowadays is calorie counting.

              Yawn. When you boys grow up, let me know.


                • Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that an “irrational” person could get published in a scientific journal (Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society).

                  What have *you* done with your life?


                  • You’re getting defensive over a meaningless statement. This shows you’re insecure.

                    Humans are irrational by nature. It’s the very reason why you feel threatened, and that you have something to prove to a completely random over the internet who you could probably care less about.

                    I could care less about your qualifications or credentials. They mean nothing to me. Everyone has a completely different experience in life and everything is completely subjective to the individual.

                    Success is nothing more than a by-product of effort. The effort required in academic studies is very limited. All it requires is dedication. Yet dedication won’t make you a famous movie star or a famous comedian.

                    You’re published. Well done, I hope you’re happy. I could care less, but it’s not about me. It’s about you.

                    What have I done with my life? Don’t you see what you’re doing here? You’re trying to sell me your life as a justification of your own existence. There’s no right or wrong, only your experience. Nothing is better than another, it’s just what you’ve been convinced to believe. You’re trying to convince me that you’re better, however I’m not that shallow. Neither of us is better – only you’re arrogant enough to believe you have the upper hand.

                    I host a podcast that has hundreds and hundreds of listeners. That’s what I’ve done with my life. Yet to suggest that you can quantify accomplishment by one meaningless statement, is nothing more than arrogance.

                    As a result, I have very little opinion of you.

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  5. I do consider all of the ideas you’ve offered on your post. They’re very convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for starters. Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  6. Unfortunately people hate you because you are a creep, it’s that simple. It’s not their/our fault that you don’t have the common decency or enough smarts to recognize the large women are human beings worthy of respect. It’s not their/our fault that you are a dickless, little freak trying to be funny by exposing your misogyny and hate for women. But hey, if you don’t have a problem looking like a complete douche-tool in front of the entire world, then so be it. But just remember no one with an ounce of decency, brains or respect is laughing with you; we are all laughing at you.

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