Why big women prefer Brothers

If you ask me, Fat is the new black; and all these Fat, Big Beautiful Women want is acceptance. They just want to be accepted, no matter what their size is, rather than be discriminated against. And let me tell you somethin’, discrimination is the consequence of racism — where there’s cornbread, there’s chicken, and where there’s discrimination there’s racism. But if you think racism is only about color, you’re probably a racist and don’t even know it yet. Racism is like a shape shifting monster that’s hiding in a dark room, waiting to rape you. It can transform itself into discrimination against someone’s culture/religion, sexual-orientations, and in this case: shape and size. This is why we have the Fat Acceptance Movement and places like Reddit, it’s like the underground railroad for fat people.

Often big women are discriminated against because of their size: men turn them down, employers turn them down, flight attendants kick them out of the plane because they take up more seating than they purchased… All that hassling, but they never bother getting to know the BBW and how beautiful she is on the inside. It’s discrimination out of ignorance, it’s Fascism against fat. Sometimes men are so cruel that they will actually get drunk and hook up with these big beautiful beasts, only to run off once they’ve sobered up, and laugh about it with their buddies. It’s a hump and dump game, but without any feeding; and that is no way to treat these gentle giants — a real man at least feeds his bitches.

This is where Black men come in. When a fat (white) woman sees a brother, she sees a man that understands what it’s like to be hated, to feel discriminated against, and she sees this as a man she can vibe with, that will feel her, empathizing with her struggle. It’s also an opportunity for her to get some dick. She sees black men as opportunist of ass, taking every opportunity for it, because they believe in accepting people. She knows brother’s typically love big thick asses too 😉

Anyway, the point is… they know that we know that they know that we both love eating at McDonald’s. Now not all brother’s love fat girls, but a disproportionately larger number of us will hit that BBW pussy, whereas most wussy-ass white/asian boys unwittingly discriminate against fat ass. It’s thanks to black guys (yours truly) that are showing the way to empowerment and self-acceptance, helpin’ fat women to embrace their bodies and love themselves. Without us, being a fat woman would be so much more painful; every fat hoe would be forced to buy into the fascist Hollywood stereotypes of beauty — huffing and puffing at the gym as she turns into a twig. Every good, fat accepting black man is a fat bitch’s Harriet Tubman, showing her the way through the underground railroad to fat acceptance dick. Amen, A-fucking-men…

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33 thoughts on “Why big women prefer Brothers

  1. Nigel, racism is matter that should NOT be taken lightly, just as with Fat Acceptance. It’s interesting how you relate discrimination against fat women as a form of racism. I don’t entirely disagree with that, but some of the things you say are out of line, and once again I’m reporting you to WordPress for your disgusting posts. Shame on you Nigel, shame.

  2. Nigel even though I totally disagree with the misogynistic aspects of your blog there is one thing you are correct about and it is the fact that not enough white or asian men appreciate the full figured woman. Most of my fellow white males are completely brainwashed into thinking that a hot woman looks like a 14 year old boy. I personally know several white males who think that women who play professional beach volley ball are the epitome of female beauty. I simply look at those poor misguide souls with pity because the women that they drool over, look like dudes in bikinis, lol. They just don’t appreciate the softness and beauty of a woman who is larger than a size 8. But in a world where the media and its special interest cronies control our perceptions of beauty and health, what can you expect?
    As for heavy women preferring the brotha’s; I’m not sold on that. I think most fat white girls would prefer to be with a white guy but since most white males won’t own up to liking a large woman, the chubby chicks are kind of stuck in a difficult position. It’s either diet down to an unrealistic size or remain chubby and be with the only type of guy who is willing to pay attention to them. This is a damn shame especially since the ranks of the overweight in this country are growing by the day. When I was single it was always my experience that when I was in competition against a hood rat, brotha, for a fat white girls affection, the girl would invariably choose me over my hood rat competition. Why; well I leave that for you and your readers to figure out. LOL.

      • That’s bullshit and furthermore, I’m not saying fat women are racist. Fat women like ALL women don’t want some hood-rat sucking off them for a booty call and a place to sleep. I see this going on waaaaay too much where young fat white girls are turned into brood mares simply so that some black dude can get his johnson all up in a white woman and live rent free off her fat ass. You see the average fat white woman has a job or at least a few bucks in her purse from daddy. The average hood-rat ain’t got shit except a big dick and a line of bullshit. Hood-rat brotha’s are constantly looking for a meal ticket and a lot of fat white girls with low self-esteem are all too often willing to provide that ticket. Now I’m not saying all black men act like that because I know plenty that are respectful and good all-around guys but the ones that typically chase fat white women are the kind that no women should get tangled up with. In fact that’s why so many strong self-sufficient black women don’t want anything to do with those types of black men either. This isn’t rocket science Nigel, it’s real life.

  3. I came to your dear abode here to thank you for the like on my post. Now I am so stunned, and confused. I am not sure what else to say. I suppose though as someone within a lifestyle that most don’t understand. This will be one of those situations where I will choose to respect your pov. So yea, thanks for the like.

  4. I think there’s some validity here, although I’m coming from a different, broody white-guy perspective who has dated and held a couple long-term relationships with bigger gals; from what I’ve observed and experienced myself it seems bigger girls seem to be pretty comfortable with their bodies and are, in fact, somewhat arrogant about it all. Of course there’s no universal truths for the body-type as there’s going to be other women on the opposite side, I’m just speaking from personal experience; either way, I’ve always been a fan of curves and find the women on the covers of magazines like Cosmopolitan and the like to be pretty grotesque and made-up to the point of inhumanity. Whether a big girl’s with a black, white or yellow guy she’ll be okay as there’s many appreciators out there, I’m certain.

    • True that, but that is also rooted in their deep insecurity. It’s a monster hiding in a closet. That’s why I use some of the tactics that I do. It makes that insecurity monster come out of that closet and suck my dick.

      • Haha, that’s right! I always made it a point to be quite complimentary to the girls, always telling them they were beautiful and whatnot – they were, it wasn’t bullshit – since I knew (or at least I thought) they’d be struggling against the tidal waves of the skinny-is-beautiful thing we’re so frequently force-fed as a society.

  5. As a black man that enjoys a fatty as much as another black man , I agree with everything in this post. Being a multiple victim of rape at the dick of the monster called racism, I have only been able to manage and succeed at life because of my white fatty. But what you fail to realize is that racism is not only a manifestation of the white dick against the black male, but the black she-cock of jealous niggabitches as well. I cannot tell you how many times that I have been jeered and mocked by black women who feel that every black man belongs to them, and that no white woman will every be their equal.

    Those niggabitches need to understand the value of a black man and adjust their self esteem in inverse proportion to their weight gain. That way, they will know that they aren’t the only game in town. Don’t get me wrong. I love niggabitches, in fact, my mother is a black woman. But the only way we are going to save the black race from the stupidity and failures of black women is for black men to choose white women as an alternative.

    Keep up the good work, and keep fucking them fatties.

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  9. Hahahahahahahahaha! Hilarious………abso-fucking-lutely sensastional. Great writing brah! When you coming out with your book? I’ma buy that shit in a heartbeat.

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