Safe Sex for Chubby Chasers

When it comes to Big Game Hunting, safe sex is a priority, especially for you.

Need a ride to the other side man?

You gotta come prepared for this game, and make sure you satisfy every prerequisite — which I’ve covered before with regards to your strength and having the right size. But even that isn’t enough, you also have to take precautions to avoid severe injury, disaster and even death. That’s what’s so thrilling about chasing chubbies around, because you’re attempting to kill pussy that can kill you if you don’t watch out and use my common sense safety tips.

Amateur Chubby Chaser: Fatality waiting to happen.

What could go wrong? It’s usually a story like this: the typical amateur chubby chaser always thinks he’s ready.. He’s been lifting weights all week to prepare for this Olympic feat. She’s all hot and ready sitting in a steel reinforced wheelchair as he rolls her into his motel room. He lies on the bed first, takes off his clothes, and then pulls out a box of donuts that were hiding under the pillows. It all seems to go down smooth, like some kind of well choreographed R Kelly shit, until all of the sudden she leaps out of the wheel chair and this happens:

She’s not on bath salts. She’s just licking donut jelly off his face, as he dies.

His breathing begins to cut off due to the extreme weight pressing down on his chest, but she’s too busy licking the donut jelly off of his face to notice he’s dying. This could last for hours, or even days if she is too heavy to help herself off. But hey, that’s natural selection homie, that’s why there aren’t many chubby chasers around — us real chubsters, we’re an elite crew of fat sex survivors. If you want to join the Fat Acceptance league of extraordinary gentlemen, here’s some safety advice:

1. Unless you are black belt motherfucker like yours truly, never ever ever ever ever ever let that big ass mammoth-bitch on top of you. I don’t care if that’s how ya like it, you want to live right? Anything above 165 pounds can fuck up your pelvis for real. Anything above 200 pounds can send you to hell if you are stupid enough. Always stay on top like a real man. I know some of you have squash fetishes, and you want your BBW to sit on your face. Fine, but if you must, wear a hard hat so your skull remains intact.


Wear a hard hat when she sits on your face

Wear a hard hat when she sits on your face

2. Never let her roll on top of you. This is similar to rule #1, but if you are lying together cuddling before/after sex, you’re guard will be down. Stay calm, but be ready to roll away and jump on top if she rolls toward you. Do not let her on top unless you want to suffocate to death under layers of wet, doughy flesh.

3. Keep food off of you until you are absolutely ready for her to come at you and lick it off. Even if you’re standing and sprinkle confectioner’s sugar on your dick, you might get tackled NFL style bitch. The excitement of food is so strong in these women that a burst of energy will possess them if they even smell it — as opposed to their otherwise lethargic nature.

4. For her safety, don’t over-feed her at least an hour before sex. She may have a big body, but her little heart can only pump so much blood; and if most of it is pipe-lining to her stomach instead of her pussy (because she’s processing 8 pounds of funnel cake you bought her at the funfair) she won’t have any energy for sex. This is actually a classic amateur chubby chaser mistake. She might even have a heart attack while you’re pounding that ass. Why risk it? It kills the moment if the fat lady can’t scream because her blood flow is off.

5. Tie your BBW to the bed, otherwise she’ll roll around destroying the whole room. Broken glass and shit isn’t safe. Since I’m really into fat dungeon sex, I use handcuffs and ropes to tie my fat sex slaves up so they can’t move. I like to turn it up a notch by teasing them with food while they’re restrained. It’s a great way to torture a fat slut, and it’s safer then letting her whale ass maneuver around the room, and having furniture and lamps destroyed.

6. Don’t take a shower with her after sex. This one should be obvious, do you want to die in a bathtub? When 2 enter the shower, the BBW will leave and wonder where you went.

It’s important that you follow this advice, because what good will you do for the Fat Acceptance movement if you are dead? None. But It’s your funeral bitch.

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25 thoughts on “Safe Sex for Chubby Chasers

  1. Stop treating these women like wild beasts you sick fuck! They are human beings that deserve respect! If you ask me, referring to them as “big ass mammoth hoes” and even “BBWs” or other derogatory references is totally out of line and distasteful. You need to see a therapist and get some help, or just turn yourself into the police!

  2. I’m 40 years old and I’ve been an FA since I was old enough to know what a woman was all about. Almost everything you said in this installment of your blog was factually WRONG. Almost all your advice was bullshit and if you actually knew anything about making it with a ssbbw, you would recognize this. This leads me to believe that you’ve never really bagged a biggin. In fact I have serious reservations about your sexual experience with women in general. So why don’t you just come clean and leave the real big-game hunters to do their thing. Big women are beautiful and sexy and they have so much more to offer physically than their smaller counterparts. Your whole perception of a large lady is obviously based in ignorant stereotype and has very little to do with reality.
    The idea that 200lb women can seriously damage you in bed only holds true if you are a 98lb weakling. In my experience a woman has to be at least twice your weight before even the slightest chance of enduring physical harm becomes an issue. The idea that fat girls are more fixated on food than they are on the sexual activity of the moment is also a crock. Before getting married I was with an awful lot of very large ladies and NOT one was ever more interested in eating donuts when compared to eating dick. Their appetite for food may run high outside the bedroom but inside the bedroom they are generally just as focused on sex if not more so than skinny bitches are. In fact many studies show that fatties enjoy a good fuck and with more frequency than skinny girls do.
    I realize that your entire blog is meant to be mean spirited comedy but you could at least try and make it a little more imaginative, realistic or even clever. Doing so would make it so much more interesting for the reader. Get with the fucking program and don’t disappoint me, asshole.

      • In the conventional realm of FA-ism anything over 350 lbs and you are getting into the supersized range. Anything over 500 lbs and you are in the ultra-supersized range. My idea of big varies from girl to girl depending on hieght and build.

      • Just stop; what you are proving is troll blog bullshit. I have no problem with what you are doing, just try and be a little more realistic and clever. Unfortunately most of what you write is lowbrow cheap shots with no real appreciation for humor.
        BTW, if you want real ideas on safe sex with large ladies then ask someone like me, you could use an advisor on this subject because apparently you don’t know jack-shit about it. LOL.

          • I would love to if your blog wasn’t so misogynistic. You see Nigel, I’m a lover of very large women and I treat them with the respect that they like every other woman deserves. You on the other hand use the full figured female as fodder for jokes and adolescent entertainment. In good conscience I cannot be associated with that kind of thinking as it would be against my nature and everything that is respectful. Sorry dude, you don’t get to be associated with a real FA like me. You haven’t proven yourself yet.

      • Unfortunately that woman passed away about a year ago from septicemia that she contracted during a hospital stay. She was a well know ssbbw (Cindy G) and was one of the models featured on the Big Cuties website. She was also a pioneer in the world of internet BBWs. I remember coming across her website back in the 90s and she was one of the first girls to introduce many fat admirers to the world of internet BBW models. She is sadly missed by the FA community and her death was a profound loss. Using her image to poke fun at fat women is not in good taste.

  3. I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thanks , I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

  4. I thought were an expert. Then I read Number 4. Now I know that you are but a fool. You would feed a fatty so close to the act of coitus? You forgot that the main reason to fuck a fatty, is to sodomize it. And let me tell you, there is nothing worse than assfucking a fat bitch , only to drown in a shallow pond of shit that used to be a two litre milkshake complete with what was left of the previous night’s 16 piece bucket of chicken. Never feed a fatty diary before fucking it . You’ll regret it.

    • You should never regret being able to go to the No-No hole on a fatty. It’s one of the great pleasures in life. Furthermore how can you say that the main reason to have sex with a fatty is sodomy and then in another post say that fat white women are the best hope for the black community to improve itself? You sound suspiciously like you are nothing more than a troll looking to get his jollies at the expense of our beautiful fat white women.

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  7. Cindy G died from hospital neglect, she came in sick one day, even after she was admitted no help, she dies from her infections on the hospital bed, RIIP Cindy, you loved being big like we lived you on the web

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