Daygame: how to sack big ladies in the daytime

The difference between meeting women in the the day vs. at night is some serious shit. First of all, at night it’s harder to comprehend the size and scope of that ass-cavity you plan on drillin’ and fillin’. Women appear more spatially-ambiguous when it’s dark and you’ve got some cognac in your system. That’s why when I go out at night, I always always always bring my night vision goggles (or at least a flash light) with me into the club; but in the daytime that’s not necessary — this is why the ancients worshiped the sun. The day time requires different game, especially when they your targets are out shopping; things move more slowly and they probably have more food in their stomach to slow ’em down.

Before you go out, you got to pick your daytime venue: Where do you find big bitches at? In America it’s good old McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, the grocery store, other fast food joints, the dollar store, etc… But we’re going to focus on the best venue for meeting behemoth pussy in the daytime: Walmart. Why Walmart you ask? Besides the fact that it’s a low-income haven for plus sized mommas, logistically the stores are huge — designed to slowdown big women by strategically fatiguing and entrapping them in between aisles so they spend more time looking at products. All these aisles are an optical illusion, appearing to be large and accommodating for fatties. Combined with Walmart’s extra large shopping carts and a little traffic, fat bitches can get caught or “funneled” in between the aisles. This makes it more convenient for us to force feed them our big day game.

It goes down like this: I walk on in and grab myself the biggest shopping cart I can find. Then I usually head right and start patrolling the pharmacy section where they sell drugs at. Surprisingly that’s where you will find the thickest concentration of fat bitches; because they’re usually over there looking to buy painkillers. Fat women always have chronic pain in their feet for some reason, and they like to swallow down those white aspirin skittles while they shop. Anyway, when I spot one browsing the aspirin skittles, I roll up on her and use my shopping cart to block off her exit. Think of it as blockading a port. Let’s say the shopping cart is blockading her on the left side, that’s when I slip through to her right side and pretend like I’m looking for the same shit she is. You following me so far homie? This ain’t a football play here, all I gotta do is pretend like I’m heading back to my cart, but bump into her repeatedly several times as if her big ass is in my way. If I blockaded her correctly with the shopping cart, this maneuver is easy to pull off. So I’ll keep bumping into her, and every time be polite and say “excuse me ma’am,” and “my bad.” I usually do this about 10 times for each big momma.

How its done

What I love about this game tactic is how advance it is: It’s plausibly-deniable indirect kino-escalation game combined with a vicious physical neg that will force her to open you up conversationally. The physical neg well cause her to feel insecure about her size, and she’ll use the indirect physical kino-escalation to blame you for running into her. In most situations like this she’d probably scream rapist and you might find yourself getting beat down by Walmart security, but because I neg that bitch at the same time, she’ll be more focused on her size-insecurity first. Before she pulls the creeper card she’s going to try to qualify her self. When she qualifies herself with something like “motherfucker I ain’t fat, you just a clumsy f***…” that is the decisive moment when the Disney magic happens. You gotta quickly comeback with big swag, I usually say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder; we are all gods children.” At this point there’s usually a small audience watching us, so I raise my voice like a preacher. Now that bitch is on the spot and in my pocket and I’ve got the moral high ground. All I have to do is say “I’m sorry” and offer to buy her a lunch at McDonald’s. Now that’s what I call an insta-date — I’m lovin’ that pussy.


Now I want to give a much belated shout-out to all the blogs in the manosphere that have finally come around to fat acceptance. Bronanthebarbarian, thank you for helping me out to convert men back to lovin’ real women. Flyfreshandyoung, dangerandplay, donlakapocalypsecomethaaronsleazysocietyofamateurgentlemenlittlepdogtheprivatemanmattforneyscartissue, and all the other blogs that gave me a shout out, thank all y’all! God bless you guys. Holla back sometime.

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23 thoughts on “Daygame: how to sack big ladies in the daytime

  1. “It’s plausibly-deniable indirect kino-escalation game combined with a vicious physical neg that will force her to open you up conversationally.”
    So scientific!

  2. WRT to kino escalation – is it true that fat girls (I mean, landwhale fat, not just a little chubby) are less sensitive owing to the nerves being spread out to cover more area? If so, I can see why you’d have to resort to ramming them with a shopping cart.
    I’m not a chubby-chaser myself. One thing that women like is that men have bigger hands than them – it’s a marker of masculinity. So when you caress your woman, she can feel your big strong man hands. But if you are working mountain-rolls of fat, wouldn’t it get lost?
    What I’m saying is – kino must be hard to do with quarter-tonne women. So shopping carts, cattle prods – must get kinky, sometimes.

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  4. Droppin’ that knowledge. I’ve been doing a little fattie day gaming at Sam’s Club, and it just isn’t working. Too much room for those double-plus sized ladies to maneuver around me before I can gently caress a roll or two. Tiny-ass Walmart aisles FTW! And thank you man, without your Big Game tips, I might still be getting bruises from banging skinny bitches instead of pouring gravy all over some sexy sows. Oink oink!

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  6. “Hey baby. I know you’ve got adult onset diabetes, but how about you come back to my place and I give you some sugar?” – My day game opener. It really get’s those lady lard buckets hot and bothered.

  7. This was great. Please write more. I’m going to Target now and I’ll be looking for dudes with shopping carts and watching them run their game.

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  9. Nigel, I love you (in a totally no homo kind of way)!

    Your diagram showing the fattie blocking an aisle did remind me of my time in London. I think this would be a great destination for people who want to exploit the fat acceptance movement for their own sexual desires. Over there you’ll find plenty of small local grocery stores with rather narrow aisles. Combine a small shopping cart, a small aisle, and some woman’s fat ass, and you’ve got a problem. You probably see where I am going with this. Indeed, one man’s heaven is another man’s hell.

  10. hmm i wish i lived in that place,seems heaven,where i live, i did it first by chasing “heavy duty and wide ass” grannies or momas in cramped shopping streets locking my eyes on her moving jiggling bubbly lard and watering my mouth, then finding a reasonable occassion to just rub agianst her BUM or sometimes even put my hand in one grannys valley ,in which i was holding a shopping bag!!!lol ( it was empty though,just to show i was shopping) when i noticed that she did nt feel it, i chased her even further and stuck her almost for 30 minutes untill she stopped the taxi and went home,

  11. have u ever got caught or near caught, and what about hidden survellence cameras,are nt they dangerous,

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