The main Prerequisite for Chubby Chasing

One thing people often overlook about game and pickup is that there are certain requisites — the first one that comes to my mind is living in or near a Major City. Many Americans do not live in or near a major city or urban area, many live in the sticks, the country, the boonies. Because they lack this basic requisite, they are unable to truly practice and sharpen their skills with women on a consistent enough basis to become competent at Game. They’re fucked basically.

Then you have prerequisites (or in layman’s terms, pre-requirements). These prerequisites are so essential, they are assumed, such as having all the normal characteristics of a human being — obviously you cannot spit game if you’re born without a voice, or you might be at an overwhelming disadvantage if you were born severely disfigured. However, with chubby chasing, there is one prerequisite that is out of the ordinary, and it’s not merely the sexual appetite for obese, fat hogs to fuck. No, the essential prerequisite for hunting big game, for chubby chasing, is a larger caliber bullet: a huge cock of exponentially greater length and width.

I’m not going to lay out my dimensions here in this post, but when I’ve got a fattie bent over, it’s like William Wallace getting ready to attack with his Claymore sword. A mere dagger just won’t slay the beast. It won’t do the trick. I don’t need to explain to you the laws of physics: when you have to drill through multiple exploding layers of flab, you’ve got to drill deep, balls deep. You need maximum penetration, the kind that would impale a “normal sized woman.” That’s why it has to be long.

But long alone isn’t good enough, you need some good width. A skinny dick is a dick that’s gonna snap. I know some of you skinny dicks out there think that this doesn’t apply to you. You think you’re a musketeer with your rapier, no fool; You gotta have that extra support. It’s gotta be like a two by four. It’s gotta hold up the weight.

Listen, I’m not trying to stroke my ego here; I’m just telling you the truth. I know this is going to hurt some of you, but not all of you reading this are chubby chasing material. Your equipment is designed for petite girls, for smaller game, not hammering down mammoths. Let the whale hunters do their jobs please. Thank you.

That being said, as a chubby chaser, being a black man helped me with this.

10 thoughts on “The main Prerequisite for Chubby Chasing

    • Bronan, that is solid advice. Another idea is to use popsicle sticks that still have popsicle juice on them. It doubles as extra incentive for fatties to give you serious head. Fruit flavors work the best.

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