Solid chubby chasing player? Or beta male?

Recently, I came across this article about a woman trying to set a guinness world record for her size:—shes-marrying-chef-help-her.html

Susanne Eman is a very, very big BBW. She is trying to become the biggest woman in the world. That’s not the focus of this article however. What’s more interesting is her chubby chasing fiance. This guy has got some serious black-belt game, so why in the hell is he settling down? Alpha chubby chaser suddenly wifing it up and turning beta? Something is not right here. One thing about chubby chasing, variety is the spice of life.

Parker Clack is his name, and check out his game. First off, he’s a professional chef (just like your highness over here) and he goes all out with it. Check it out:

And here’s the breakdown: seasoned chubby chasers worldwide know that pancakes are a favorite. Also, making strong eye-contact while feeding your BBW is a hypnotic NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming/hypnotizing bitches) maneuver (thanks Ross Jeffries) that I’ve employed over the past several years. Works like a charm. Sometimes to set the mood for a quicker bang, I’ll turn it up a notch by force feeding my BBW. However, this Parker Clack player guy seems to display more grace in his seduction strategy by avoiding this tactic altogether. It builds more sexual tension when you don’t rush shit.

Next we see another NLP trick:

Did you spot it?

Did you?

Are you looking at it?

If you didn’t, look closely. Stare if you have to. He strategically places the plate of food near his crotch. This is something that takes years of experience in the game to discover. Just look at that woman’s face, she sees her plate, thinks of dick. At this point it’s clear that this guy is pulling top notch alpha-male chubby chaser game. If this isn’t evidence that he’s a seasoned chubby chaser with top notch game, then nothing else is; which also leads us to conclude that this guy has been around the block, feeding big girls around the clock.

So what happened? All of the sudden he’s settled down with one BBW? Something isn’t right here. This guy could be servin’ up new fatties every week like your girl gets french fries at McDonald’s.

10 thoughts on “Solid chubby chasing player? Or beta male?

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  9. He doesn’t has your level of game Nigel, not even close. Notice in the first image the plates on the table are not organized in a phallic shape; with the cheese-smothered garlic-loaf at the head, eggs and pan fries forming the shaft, and at the end and offset, the testicles as flap-jacks and broiled back-bacon & onions, reserved only to the BBW who swallow every last bit.
    As you point out in the second image, his sneaky yet adroit psycho-association between ham & scrambled eggs and dick, is ice-cold. Check out the look on his face… wheels within wheels going on.

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