And here’s my first post…

After giving it a whole lot of thought, I’ve finally decided to create this blog; not only to share my wisdom, but also to provide emotional support to my fellow chubby chasers and BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) everywhere — you are not alone, some men do like ’em large, super sized, plump and ready to hump. I’ve read many other blogs around the mansophere. Their views on certain gender issues aren’t way off, but I knew one thing was missing for sure: a voice for chubby chasers. I’m taking the first step here as your ambassador.

Another issues I want to address is this idea that regular game (and pickup artist shit) works on larger women: let me tell you from personal experience, It doesn’t. Larger girls require larger game. You have to increase your caliber and use bigger bait (improving your cooking skills certainly doesn’t hurt). You have to be a big time player with a more sensual sensitivity.

What you can expect from this blog:
Stuff about game,
My Thoughts on Chubby Chasing,
Cooking advice
maybe a restaurant review or two.
And that’s it!


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